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Column: How does your brain work best … when playing tennis?

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It seems about 70 percent of the tennis player you become is a result of your learning of playing skills, the basic stroke-fundamentals added to sound strategy for singles and doubles.

Column: The spirit of competition and playing the best of the best

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It seems the human race thrives to a large degree in the art of competition - who can do what - bigger and better than the next person, team, region, section, business, state or even nation.

Column: Dennis Van der Meer, the coach of coaches

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Who would ever guess the son of a couple missionaries living in a Southwest African village would produce one of the most well-known teaching professionals ever know?

Column: Finding your path and following it successfully

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At certain times in our lives we take stock in how we’re doing, what we’ve done and where we still want to go and do with our limited time here on earth.

Column: Subdivision pickleball and tennis problems, again

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This last week there was a meeting held of tennis players (in general) in regard to the Prescott Lakes recreational area and a group of pickleball players, who have asked their board to consider taking one of their two tennis courts and convert it to a couple or more pickleball courts. Currently there are two tennis courts and five pickleball courts.

Column: I’m done talking....let’s play!

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This last Saturday I finally got to go see the movie, “Battle of the Sexes,” where in 1973 the No. 2 woman tennis player in the world, Billie Jean King, played an exhibition match in the Houston Astrodome against Bobby Riggs in a winner take all $100,000 match.

Column: New tennis inductees are very special people

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On Sunday, Oct. 8, the third annual Park of Tennis Fame day will take place, beginning with a clinic taught by all the local tennis professionals from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and followed by our induction ceremony at noon for six outstanding local people for what they have done in and for the game of tennis.

Column: Dealing with pressure and trying to avoid the choke

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This weekend the Southwest Sectionals were held in El Paso, Texas, represented by each area (Phoenix, Tucson, New Mexico & Western Texas) with the 55 and over division regional winners.

Column: Life is kind of cruel in the sports world

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Don’t you think life can be kind of cruel in some ways? About the time you start to learn something really well (like the game of tennis) your body starts to tell you it won’t perform for you the way it needs to, or used to.

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Column: Bob Hampton, a tennis lifer

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We sat down with Bob Hampton for a question and answer session about his life in tennis. Here is an edited transcript from the interview.

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