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Argus Hamilton is the host comedian at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and entertains groups and organizations around the country. E-mail him at

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Hamilton: Thanks to the Episcopal church, you don’t need to prove yourself

HOLLYWOOD — God bless America, and how’s everybody? Barbara Bush was eulogized in a beautiful Episcopal service in Houston Saturday.

Hamilton: KKK says Anonymous afraid to show their faces

The Pentagon warned that cyber-attacks will constitute the most dangerous threats to the U.S. in the future.

Hamilton: Robert E. Lee home, only monument that’s going up

God bless America, and how’s everybody? The Wall Street Journal reports the plantation mansion where Robert E. Lee grew up as a boy has been placed on sale for nine million dollars.

Hamilton: Facebook’s job, to release private info to public

HOLLYWOOD--God bless America, and how’s everybody? Robert Mueller sent the FBI to raid the office of Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, looking for Stormy Daniels payoff evidence.

Hamilton: Trump slaps two-stroke tariff on pro golfer

God bless America, and how’s everybody? Augusta National hosts the last round of the Masters today which got off to a thrilling start on Thursday. It’s quite an international field.

Hamilton: Jesus saved me

Happy Easter Sunday, everybody, and God bless America.

Hamilton: Jesus saved me, now I want to entertain him

Queen Elizabeth will attend Easter service at the St. George Chapel at Windsor Castle as head of the Church of England.

Argus Hamilton: Kennedy Center is best place to launder hush money

HOLLYWOOD — God Bless America, and how’s everybody? President Trump reluctantly signed the budget bill into law and blasted Congress for spending too much.

Hamilton: Meghan Markle keeps promise to leave US if Trump is elected

Happy Palm Sunday, everybody, and God Bless America.

Argus Hamilton: Millennials will unplug life-support to re-charge

God Bless America, and how’s everybody? The National Realtors Association predicted a real estate boom with the huge Millennial generation entering their thirties, beginning to settle down and get married and buy homes.

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