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Annie Lane

Advice columnist Annie Lane is a young wife and mother with a gift for helping other people solve problems. In a voice that's sympathetic, funny and firm, Lane provides common-sense solutions to life's dilemmas.

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Dear Annie: Family stressed about mom’s finances

Dear Annie: Our family is like most families — dysfunctional. Our father worked two jobs most of his life to better himself for the good of his family.

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Dear Annie: He can’t forget wife’s promiscuous former life

My wife and I have been together since we were just out of high school.

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Dear Annie: Ostracized because of sexual orientation

I am a 15-year-old boy, and my family hates me because I am gay.

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Dear Annie: Style imitator

Dear Annie: After going to college out of state and graduating a few years ago, I moved home with my parents so I could save money while attending graduate school.

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Dear Annie: Dealing with the hostile parent

My father was always a good financial provider to our family when I was growing up.

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Dear Annie: Family unsure of proper miscarriage etiquette

My sister had a miscarriage this week, and I’m at a bit of a loss.

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Dear Annie: Change your routine to liven up dull sex life

My wife and I have been married for close to 40 years. Though the sex was never great, it at least used to be enjoyable.

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Dear Annie: Regret moving into housing dictatorship?

I just moved into a new apartment complex and went to my first open board meeting.

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Dear Annie: The sleeping tyrant

Dear Annie: When he is awake, my husband is a mild-mannered person who rarely raises his voice. He is not very talkative and reads most of the day.

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Dear Annie: Adopted daughter has questions

Dear Annie: I am a proud mother of two loving, bright and beautiful young children, ages 4 and 6. They were both adopted, and I was fortunate enough to hold them within hours of their births.

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