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Bergner: Patience the key in NAZ Suns’ future

Column: On The Ball

PRESCOTT VALLEY — As the 2017-18 regular season comes to a close, NBA Gatorade League fans are preparing for two scenarios:

Hiking Arizona column: Hiking the Superstition Wilderness

The best spring wildflower displays I have consistently enjoyed over the past 50 years of hiking in Arizona have been in the Superstitions.

Kobritz: Is tanking in baseball a problem like the NBA?

Column: Beyond the Lines

The 2018 baseball season is almost upon us but before the games begin, fans of a number of teams are advised to consider the words of Seattle GM Jerry Dipoto.

Gunby: Before taking a swing, be sure to follow the golden rule

Column: Tee It Up

Golf isn’t for everyone. Before you call the USGA or the PGA, hear me out. Golf is for those who follow the golden rule. Let me explain.

Kobritz: MLB, other leagues may want ‘integrity fee’ from sports gambling

Column: Beyond the Lines

Sports gambling is on the cusp of becoming a reality in the U.S. and professional sports leagues are intent on reaping a piece of the financial windfall.

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Howard: Going above and beyond, Caprielian 35-year volunteer at Indian Wells

Column: My Point

What can you say about a person who has gone over and beyond in giving of their time and energy to help make what is now the fifth largest tennis event in the world become a destination point of special memories for millions of people.

Johnson: Hiking, rock climbing at Joshua Tree

Column: Hiking Arizona

Back in the early ‘80s I ended up here on a rock climbing trip, but never hiked here until recently. Two aspects immediately caught my attention, the unique terrain and the unique people.

Kobritz: Win-first culture enabling monsters

Column: Beyond the Lines

First, it was USA Swimming. Then it was USA Gymnastics. And now, we have USA Volleyball following in the footsteps of its sister organizations. They all knew, and did nothing.

Howard: Who said today’s game of tennis is a sissy sport?

Column: My Point

Back in the days of old when people exalted the three main sports of baseball, football and basketball as the real sports of men (and now women), the game of tennis was sometimes made fun of.

Atherton: A pickleball partner with nothing to do? Listen up

Column: Paddle Up

In doubles pickleball, the server in the game must serve the ball over the net crosscourt to the receiver and not the person’s partner or it is a fault by the rules. It looks a lot like tennis.

Gunby: The greatest ‘game’ on grass

Column: Tee It Up

Now that the 2018 Waste Management Phoenix Open is in the record books, I would like to share my observations of the PGA Tour and its players.

Kobritz: Olympic games not about gold medals, but life lessons

Column: Beyond the Lines

The 2018 Winter Games are over, leaving behind memories and medal counts. While U.S. athletes undoubtedly left Pyeongchang, South Korea with a lifetime of memories, Team USA’s medal count has been called “disappointing” – or worse.

Howard: Amateur status? Who really cares

Column: My Point

At one time, being an amateur in sports was the difference between getting to play in most sporting events in your chosen field or being left out - playing for personal satisfaction, not monetary gain.

Johnson: Sonoran Desert hiking, the best of Maricopa County

Column: Hiking Arizona

The most glorious display of wildflowers I have ever seen was in McDowell Mountain Park on the Scenic Trail.

Kobritz: Miami-Dade County suing Jeffrey Loria

Column: Beyond the Lines

Paul Beeston, a former executive of the Toronto Blue Jays and a chartered accountant in Canada, once tried to explain how businesses — including baseball teams — could engage in creative accounting.

Column: Women in tennis still pushing forward, part 2

'My Point'

Wikipedia states from Suzanne Lenglen’s book, “Lenglen was criticised widely for her decision to turn professional, and the All England Club at Wimbledon even revoked her honorary membership.”

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Column: Red, white and bruised, US struggles to win medals

Winter Olympics

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — It was, perhaps, the defining moment for the U.S. team at this Olympics.

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Column: Yavapai trying to get past early-season pitching struggles

'On The Ball'

Two years ago when Yavapai College claimed the program’s fourth national title, its pitching staff hung in there with the best arms in the country. This season, however, the Roughriders have struggled in the early going.

Column: Teaching the game of golf to your friends

'Tee It Up'

I have seen many boyfriends/girlfriends, spouses, friends and parents doing their best to teach those they care about how to play golf.

Column: Once a thriving sport, NASCAR running low on fuel

'Beyond the Lines'

NASCAR will open its 70th season on Feb. 18 with the running of the Daytona 500, the sport’s premier race. Unfortunately, the excitement generated by the race is in sharp contrast to the business prospects for the once-thriving sport.

Column: Women in the world of tennis are still pushing forward

'My Point'

Since the beginning of time, it seems like men have been “King of the Hill” while women in general were forced to take a back seat.

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Column: ’Tis the season for desert hiking

'Hiking Arizona'

Claudia asked, “Why hike in the desert?” Like any nature lover, she associates a more positive outdoor experience with green landscapes because they foster a feeling of refreshment. Where there is greenery, there is also water: creeks, fountains, lakes, or waterfalls.

Column: Baseball’s economic system favors the owners

'Beyond the Lines'

If you think this winter has been a cold one, it’s been even colder for MLB free agents. With pitchers and catchers reporting next week, 110 players remain unsigned, wondering if they’ll have a job this season.

Column: Coaching in the world of tennis, past, present and future

'My Point'

The game of tennis has roots that go back much further than the year Major Wingfield patented it in February of 1874 and the development of the player skill sets as the years have advanced have taken enormous leaps and bounds as well.

Column: Rules of pickleball can often confuse new players

'Paddle Up'

A pickleball in the air after it is hit is always good until it hits something or somebody. What matters is  how it is stuck and where it goes and what it strikes.