Letter: Support appreciated

On behalf of Horses with Heart, we wish to express our appreciation to the Chino Valley Area Chamber of Commerce for organizing the recent Sequins & Saddles event held in Chino Valley to benefit Chino Valley students and the Horses with Heart Veterans Program.

Letter: Consider growth carefully

I have lived in the Prescott area for over 20 years. Prior to that I was in Goodyear, Arizona, for 10 years.

Letter: Panhandlers out of hand

Tuesday I was on my way from Thumb Butte to Taylor Hicks School to pick up my daughter. Along the way, I passed the intersection of Gail Gardner and Fair Street.

Letter: Nation’s direction

In the Oct. 24 edition you reported survey findings that in a given scenario a majority of respondents were in favor of killing non-co

Letter: Deep Well

Lack of water is a very serious concern, but, unfortunately, lack of water doesn’t give us a visual until we run out.

Letter: Park fees

Regarding - US considers higher entry fees at 17 popular national parks Let’s see, Congress started parks in 1872, here we are 145 years later

Letter: Gosar needs to apologize

We watched the interview of Rep. Paul Gosar on Vice News and believe Paul owes George Soros a personal apology.

Letter: Polio and Rotary

This is an answer to the editorial, “On polio and pulling together,” that appeared in both the Courier and Tribune on Oct. 25.

Letter: Water

Prescott pumps all of its water from wells north of Chino Valley and near the Prescott airport.

Letter: POTUS death spiral

Thanks, Mike Payson (Oct. 20 letter, “Election facts”), for your cogent response.

Letter: Ducey plays to billionaires

The front-page story, “Analysts predict state budget short $104M to $200M,” should not surprise anyone who has lived in Arizona, Kansas or Wisconsin.

Letter: Kneeling for what goal?

Here is my question for the NFL players who kneel every weekend rather than pay respect to the National Anthem and our flag: What is your goal?

Letter: Time for higher goals

I wonder how many of your readers have noticed the current state of our national economy: stocks, employment numbers, household income, GDP, jobs and consumer confidence among others, are positive, some at record highs.

Letter: Las Vegas massacre

We know who the perpetrator was, but do we know if any other entities are complicit?

Letter: Unite against Trump

Much has been said about the divisiveness of Donald Trump and how he is tearing America apart.

Letter: Shout out for America

Letter re: Taking a Knee ... I would like to respond to rants & raves in the following verbiage ... I would like to give a thousand shout outs to Jeff Walker’s letter to the editor “Taking a Knee”… God bless America!

Letter: Noise concerns

I read with interest your article on the Prescott noise ordinance and dealing with loud music downtown.

Letter: APS abuses its power

Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns is the only commissioner to deeply challenge APS and the only commissioner to vote against the new rate increase in a 4-1 vote.

Letter: Lessons to learn

Mr. Trump, you are a great negotiator and have incredible business sense at a level that can discern and compete with world business.

Letter: Vets and Alzheimer’s

Ever wonder about advertisements peddling memory loss reversal?

Letter: Housing solution

Maybe Steve Garfield could offer a room to a veteran in need of housing?

Letter: Good Samaritans

Today, Wednesday, Oct. 18, my car broke down on Highway 69 just before the intersection of Gateway Boulevard.

Letter: Treehuggers of Prescott

It is with great sadness I announce that a big tree located just east of the Courthouse.

Letter: It's about the water

When deciding where to spend our retirement we chose the Prescott area, “America’s Hometown!”

Letter: Trump tax plan – do the math

I did some calculations to see which taxpayers would benefit under Trump’s tax plan.