Letter: Fair accountability?

Whatever happened to the $15 million the Yavapai Fair Board borrowed from the Department of Agriculture?

Letter: Change is needed

Syndicated columnist Michael Reagan claims that liberals have a “deranged hatred” for President Trump.

Letter: Glory Days

I’ve read letters in the Courier reliving the “glory days:” Vietnam protests, the Free Speech movement, the battle for civil rights.

Letter: Big Chino evaporation

RE: Big Chino Pumped Water Storage as a Renewable Energy Source?

Letter: Support teachers

The accusations by several letter writers and Rep. David Stringer of Prescott — that Arizona teachers make too much money compared to other professions and that teachers have an easy part-time job — are truly disingenuous.

Letter: Physical exams

Prescott High School Athletic Department would like to express their appreciation to all the volunteers who helped to make the annual pre participation physical exams a success.

Letter: Charitable organizations

The citizens of Yavapai County are generous by nature and that is a very good thing.

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Letter: Conservation easement

Thank You Dewey-Humboldt (D-H) and Central Arizona Land Trust.

Letter: PAL Awards

As many have come to know, quad-city area residents and organizations are active and generous when it comes to supporting groups that make a difference in community life.

Letter: Actions vs. words

I have no intention in getting into a protracted argument with the uninformed.

Letter: Property taxes

Tuesday, May 8, I witnessed a travesty. Three people, YC Board members, voted to increase my property taxes 2 percent.

Letter: Free press

Kudos to the Daily Courier. Your unique front page of June 4 is a serious yet celebratory reminder of our international right to a free press.

Letter: Garbage

As a newcomer to Arizona but a lifelong resident of the outdoors, I came upon a new low in littering recently at Goldwater Lake.

Letter: 747 tanker

To your editorial on Thursday, “Close the forest, not take changes,” Prescott National Forest (PNF) officials’ statements like “current scientific indicators of fire behavior are not at levels that warrant precautions above Stage 2 Fire Restrictions” is another example of the stupidity of government.

Letter: Dragging chains

The Courier notes that there have been a number of fires along roadsides that have likely been caused by sparks from trailer chains dragging on the pavement.

Letter: Rewarding experience

An open letter to potential candidates running for Prescott Valley mayor and council seats

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Letter: Special Olympics

On Saturday evening, May 12, the Prescott Elks Theater was the host site for our “Smiles for Special Olympics” comedy show, benefitting our local Special Olympics programs (Chino, Prescott and Prescott Valley).

Letter: Safe landings

(Daily Courier: Investigators search for cause of deadly cargo plane crash, May 4; and Puerto Rico National Guard C-130 crash in Georgia kills 5, May 2) RE: Georgia Airplane Crash

Letter: Leff-T diamond

Thank you to Tanya and staff at Leff-T’s for performing a “miracle.” We were dining there recently.

Letter: Successful future

It was with great pride that I read the letter to the editor from Ms. Jessi Hans (May 12).

Letter: Socialism versus capitalism

Socialist democrats hate big corporations, but love big government, the bigger the better.

Letter: Courts and right to bear arms

This is in reference to Shoemaker’s Second Amendment article.

Letter: Citizen kindness

I am writing this letter to publicly acknowledge the compassion and kindness of two young people — I neglected to get their names, but they know who they are — that quickly came to my aid when I fell in the parking lot of CVS Pharmacy.

Letter: Open space

To Pat White and the subject of over development. When you purchased your condo in 2012 didn’t you have to move here from somewhere else?

Letter: Power to tax

I have a very simple question of the Overlords of the Yavapai College Board.