Letter: Miss Kitty gives thanks

Miss Kitty’s Cat House, Cat Rescue is a 501C3 non-profit organization that has been in operation since 2005.

Letter: Looking for a charge

In support of Clean Air and American Industry, I recently purchased a new Chevy Volt from a local Dealer.

Letter: Oversimplified tax analysis

This is a response to Jerry Fowler’s Dec. 12 letter.

Letter: It will change

On the front page of the Courier last month, the message that the Deep Well Ranch water supply cannot be “unilaterally changed” ignores a crucial fact:

Letter: Check the charts

In his letter published Dec. 13, Michael Oskins invited us to do the math.

Letter: What party?

In response to the letter by Roy H. Smith, Daily Courier, Dec. 2, in which he demands that Mayor Mengarelli apologize for identifying himself as a conservative Republican, a Christian and a member of the NRA.

Letter: Differing support

Bob Shaw didn’t expect his letter (Dec. 7) to be published because he said the Courier is dishonest and News Editor Ken Sain is a “moron.”

Letter: Plant, if you cut trees

Hello again, a message from the President of the Tree Huggers Association of Prescott.

Letter: Ways to give

A thought about giving. During the Christmas season, we have many opportunities to give, either money or a thoughtful service.

Letter: Justice takes time

There seems to be expressed that if you are a politician, state or federal, regardless of political party, gender, color, that if you are accused of some type of “sexual misdeed” regardless of the time and place where the act, if they even did, that you are “guilty” of the allegation!

Letter: No toll roads

Toll roads are the wrong choice for tourism (Courier editorial, Dec. 17).

Letter: U.S. not alone

I read Thursday’s letter, from Chris Jensen of Cottonwood, with great interest and dismay.

Letter: Falsehoods

The Dec. 13 letter from Michael Oskins reminded me of a saying I learned in statistics class many years ago:

Letter: No thanks to tolls

I read your last editorial about toll roads.

Letter: Friendly city

I was delighted to read your article “Prescott Joins the Ranks of Bicycle Friendly Communities” and learned that the city is making a commitment to create bike-friendly streets.

Letter: Capital of Israel

Jerusalem is not Israel’s “defacto” capital, as Chris Jensen claims (Dec. 14) -- it has been Israel’s capital for almost 70 years.

Letter: Thank Trump for Christmas

I can’t imagine why the secular left wants to impeach President Trump.

Letter: Society’s fabric is cracking

We have never seen changes like we have over the last year. We are more divided, more critical of each other, and we seem to be moving further apart.

Letter: Reality begs to differ

Mr. Compton not only read between the lines of what was written by the authors of the letters he mentioned. He wrote entire biographies.

Letters: Tax meat

With Congressional Republicans rushing to place a new tax bill on President’s Trump’s desk before Christmas, here comes the respected British publication The Guardian suggesting a new source of tax revenue — meat. Yes, a tax on meat, to beat the health and climate crises.

Letters: Lion toys

As has been the custom for the many years that I have had the privilege to be in office, representatives of the Prescott Sunrise Lions Club delivered a truck full of toys to our office this morning.

Letters: Wolf science

Why would editor Wiederaenders venture an opinion on the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery program with seemingly little knowledge about wolves? Wolf advocacy entails supporting the science behind MGW recovery, not effectively condemning the subspecies to extermination.

Letters: Overly educated

I guess I am also one of those overly-educated fellows like Dr. Wonderling who is described by Wayne Compton as a text book smart Ph.D. who is naïve and living in a fantasy world (contrasting letter, Nov. 24).

Letters: Just getting started

Courier News Editor Ken Sain believes that cutting taxes won’t produce the increases in economic growth necessary to “repay” lost revenues.

Letters: Age discrimination

Age discrimination is alive and well. I lost my job about three weeks ago and have applied to approximately 15 job sites. If you graduated before 1964, you’re automatically eliminated from the job site.