Letter: Kudos to dentist

Our family would like to thank Chino Family Dental and Dr. Nick Randall and his great staff.

Letter: All lives matter

This past Wednesday morning I was reading the letters to the editor as I always do.

Letter: ‘Black Lives Matter’

Where did Scott Fraser, in his letter to the editor April 17, get the fabricated idea that “Black Lives Matter [is} an organization that espouses the killing of any and all police officers?”

Letter: Bad message

This is to the young mother who spit in my face at the 2nd Amendment rally.

Letter: Heavy-lift helicopter

It’s going to take a long time to add any kind of lanes to Interstate 17 between Sunset Point and Black Canyon City.

Letter: Public schools

My memory recalls that about 25 years ago the Republican Party decided to retrench and start running people for all elected offices.

Tease photo

Letter: Open space

I am a third generation Prescott-native and am upset at what I see happening to my hometown, especially at the Granite Dells.

Letter: Price gouging

If your car is towed without your consent, and you had no involvement in picking the tow operator, and then you get an outrageous bill with suspect charges?

Letter: Save the Dells

The Grand Canyon – my favorite place to visit – repeatedly.

Letter: Beauty at PAC

What a beautiful and wonderful evening of theatre! I am in awe of what I saw on stage at Yavapai Performing Arts Center, during the final performance of “Beauty and the Beast”!

Letter: Overdevelopment

I purchased a condo in Prescott in 2012, planning to retire soon after the purchase.

Letter: Teaching is part time?

Regarding the teacher who said she works 180 days a year and the ensuring letters saying that this ranks as a part-time job.

Letter: Teacher raises

The state governments will continue to give the teachers raises and benefits so long as they can keep raising taxes to balance their budgets.

Letter: Teacher pay

In the Tuesday, May 1 edition of The Daily Courier, Whitney Williams advocated for better wages for teachers.

Letter: Teacher demands

In all the commentary about teachers’ raises, and how to pay for it, I’ve not yet heard these two points raised:

Letter: Messy situation

I agree that teachers need to be paid more, as well as schools receiving more money for education.

Letter: Appreciate the support

We, as a group of Prescott Unified School District teachers and staff, would first like to thank our community for its support.

Letter: Median salaries

After reading the letter from Whitney Williams, I had to respond with the following.

Letter: New career

The internet and computers will eliminate or replace many jobs in the next 10 years.

Letter: Cut school programs

First, I support giving the teachers a living salary and establishing funding to provide proper materials in our schools.

Letter: Teacher advocates for better wages

I am a teacher, and I love my job, but when, year-after-year, I see how undervalued teachers are by the very state we work in, the hopelessness starts to steep in.

Letter: Soil plugs not dog droppings

Re: Health Hazard (letter, April 21), I believe Mike Chumbley might be a victim of mistaken identity when he writes that the courthouse plaza is “full of dog poop.”

Letter: Bread and circuses

In 1st century CE Rome, there was a huge gap between the wealthy few and the rest of the citizens.

Letter: Coupons not cash

We’re all aware of the wonderful work the Coalition for Compassion and Justice has done in providing a night shelter for homeless people in a form that Prescott hasn’t had before.

Letter: Instructional spending

On the April 20 Opinion page you published a very interesting letter from Bernice Cressy of Prescott Valley.