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4:58 PM Fri, Jan. 18th



Letter: Air impact

I am still disappointed that the Kirkland Pozzolan Mine got approval without conducting an environmental impact statement.

Letter: No credit

So Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin calls up the six biggest U.S. banks, from his vacation pad in Mexico no less, in a failed attempt to reassure investors that the banks had “ample liquidity” to serve borrowers.

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Letter: Thanks for the push

Thanks so much to the two strong working men who pushed our small pickup up the grade on Pioneer Parkway about 9:30 Monday morning (Dec. 31), otherwise we’d still be stranded now at noon with all the others having difficulty.

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Letter: Water protection

To our elected representatives, we ask that you inform the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of your opposition to the closed-loop pumped storage hydro power storage plant proposed by ITC Holdings for a site near Seligman, Project 14859-000.

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Letter: A challenge

I’d just like to state my take on David Stringer: The man was elected a few months ago by a respectable margin.

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Letter: Thanks, neighbors!

Beautiful snow storm on Monday, Dec. 31, 2018. Grateful to bring husband home from the hospital, grateful for the care at YRMC.

Letter: No new taxes

In a recent Chino Valley Review, the suggestion was made that a tax raise might be in our future.

Letter: Questions?

Regarding the law requiring a woman to be asked specific questions prior to having an abortion ...

Letter: Who blends in?

Editor: The recent discussion over Rep. David Stringer’s comments has generally been very level-headed and valid. It’s important that his free speech be protected; it’s a great indicator of how he feels.

Letter: Different colors

There are many churches in our area. Therefore, I find it surprising to read editorials in support of Rep. David Stringer.

Letter: PV body language

My husband and I attended the Prescott Valley Town Council meeting on Thursday, Nov. 6.

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Letter: My parents’ paradise

Mom and Dad were born and grew up here in Prescott. Although they were displaced for a time in the Northeast, where I, my brother, and sister were born, they yearned to return to their hometown.

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Letter: Close the door

What is the difference between congressional spending our taxpayer dollars for the study of the “mating habits of the Tietze fly” and the non-partisan Congress?

Letter: Boycott indictment

This letter is not intended to defend state Rep. David Springer’s comments.

Letter: AP misleading

RE: “Child’s death highlights communication barriers on border,” published Dec. 17; and “Girl’s death…issues on US-Mexico border,” published Dec. 18.

Letter: Fly Prescott achieves passenger goal

In late November, the Friends of the Prescott Airport published a Talk of the Town in the Daily Courier entitled “Fly Prescott.”

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Letter: We are watching

My husband and I attended the Prescott Valley Town Council meeting on Thursday, Nov. 6. There were many people in attendance who spoke in opposition to the request for a zoning change and planned expansion of Pronghorn Ranch.

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Letters: Illegals agenda

Thank you, David Stringer, for your courage to stand up to the facts regarding our sacred illegal immigrants.

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Letter: Absurd accusation

I find the accusation that Rep. David Stringer is racist to be totally absurd.

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Letter: Tensions, actions

The Thursday, Dec. 20, edition of The Daily Courier featured a front page article headlined “Hate letter to NAACP escalates race tensions.”

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Letter: World free of nukes

Should we care that we live under threat of annihilation?

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Letter: City Council ignoring residents

It seems that the Prescott City Council is intent on delivering to persons and groups from outside the quad-city area.

Letter: Jurisprudence

Hello to our county attorneys. The time has come to start prosecutions that they would have not previously considered.

Letter: Don’t blast the Dells

Good morning, fellow Prescottonians! I write this letter to the editor to encourage you to join me in the people’s effort to “Save the Dells.”

Letter: Stringer’s right affirms beliefs

Rep. Noel Campbell was absolutely correct in his Dec. 11 column that “Rep. Stringer has a constitutional right to express his opinion.”