Letter: Deep debate

And so the debate goes on regarding growth and development in Prescott.

Letter: Get a grip

All week long I have been hearing American values blathered by the Democrats.

Letter: Prescott can be the City of Civility

Congratulations to the City of Prescott for its work to make Everybody’s Hometown a city known for its civility and its strong anti-bullying stance.

Letter: Keep library closed

I am a big library user, but it was disappointing to hear that the library will re-open on Sundays, at a cost of $42,643 per year. It’s fiscally irresponsible.

Letter: Double the rate

Editor: RE: APS rate hike affects some more than others. Thank you for trying to bring this out in the open ...

Letter: PV bottleneck

Talk about a bottleneck at 89A intersection? What about thousands of new arrivals in Prescott Valley and still only two postal employees behind the counter at the post office!

Letter: Help seniors

I found Nanci Hutson’s article (Nov. 2) supporting mental health agencies and facilities interesting and informative.

Letter: Fashionable help

On Oct. 28, the AIRES Fall Fantasy Fashion Show was held at the Yavapai Indian Tribe Gathering Center.

Letter: Opinion vs. fact

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but, in spite of the recent trend, opinion is not fact.

Letter: Sustainability or growth?

Mayor Oberg’s comments provide a welcome explanation of the details about the Deep Well Ranch development.

Letter: Park fees

I have a different view about your “National parks should not come at Cadillac prices” editorial Nov 2.

Letter: Not-so-hidden agenda

We are NOT in the old West where a cattle baron, regardless of how much good he has done, can rule over a town, or are we?

Letter: A lot of fallout

I’m convinced Americans have lost their minds.

Letter: Deep Well future

Much has been written in The Daily Courier about the proposed Deep Well Ranch, and for good reason.

Letter: Water where?

Re: Thursday’s Talk of Town “Addressing Concerns Over Deep Well Ranch” (11/2/17)

Letter: Great police chief

On Halloween night my wife and I attended the fun event on Mt. Vernon Avenue in Prescott to watch the different costumes of young and old as they trick or treated the homes on the street, the music and other great ideas the people on this street provide yearly to us all.

Letter: Not true Moslems

I am a naturalized Moslem American, born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey.

Letter: Wonderful town

Prescott! What a wonderful town! At Prescott Station Saturday, Oct. 14, when we finished our dinner, we were told that the young couple who had just left, had paid for our dinner.

Letter: Overcrowding

This might be a great topic for larger liberal communities. My wife and I lived in Prescott from 1962-67, and returned in June 2006.

Letter: Teacher salaries

The governor is hell-bent on turning Arizona into Kansas.

Letter: Praise for Flake

I deeply appreciate Jeff Flake’s honesty and directness.

Letter: Nuclear annihilation

‘Yes. If a nuclear weapon would take less lives overall and save the lives of U.S. military personnel.’

Letter: Be safe with guns

Ms. Sisley, you are on target!

Letter: Waking up

I’m glad that people are waking up to what is going on in Prescott and Prescott Valley with all the building going on.

Letter: No politics in football

Why is it that most of the NFL players demonstrate their politics on the football field and NCAA collegiate players just play the old simple football game and leave the politics out of the “game?”