Letter: ‘Beauty’ performance

If you missed the recent musical, “Beauty and the Beast,” at Yavapai College, you missed an outstanding performance.

Letter: Welsh memories

I enjoyed Wil Williams’ column on the Welsh language. My family is Scots-Welsh, and was heavily into Masonic membership up until the ’50s.

Letter: Accept true history

I would like to commend C.R. Shoemaker for the excellent April 28 column, “Second Amendment has been upheld.”

Letter: Children are fearful

It was disappointing to read a retired USMC officer’s depiction of retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens as “fossilized’ because he, Shoemaker, disagrees with the Justice’s opinion on the Second Amendment.

Letter: Stench of smoke

Thank you for the recent coverage of the smoking issue.

Letter: Enjoy trees

Isn’t spring a time to enjoy trees coming out of hibernation?

Letter: An outburst

Wow, Will Durst (Trump Followers loyal regardless of circumstances, April 30), is really letting Trump supporters have it with both barrels!

Letter: ‘Fake news’

It is unbelievable how uninformed T. Canton is concerning politics and our national well-being.

Letter: Dishonest panhandler

J-P. A. Maldonado wrote a letter to the editor about an incident 40 years ago with a panhandler whom he felt was dishonest and took advantage of him.

Letter: Thank you firefighters!

A heartfelt THANK YOU from all the residents of the Park Ridge at Viewpoint community.

Letter: Our heroes

To our firefighters. How can I even begin to thank you for how you saved our communities that were threatened by the fire May 11?

Letter: Cell towers

In regard to some Rants and Raves, past letters and/or reports in past columns.

Letter: Accolades for firefighters

Congratulations, greatest respect, and admiration to the team which put down the Viewpoint Fire.

Letter: Disrespectful shopper

I just read an article of what to do if a dog attacks. I think it had wonderful information.

Letter: Returned wallet

I am writing this letter on behalf of one of my students at Prescott High School.

Letter: Military-style weapons

After reading the column about AR15s and why people “need them,” I kind of sat there in disbelief.

Letter: City democracy

I noticed the front page article in the Daily Courier outlining various Prescott City Charter changes.

Letter: Truth always prevails

First, I must state I am a child of the 60’s, the Love generation.

Letter: Thank you

Editor: I am a volunteer for the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Resource Center at the office of Arizona Oncology in Prescott Valley.

Letter: Paper pushers

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) has just sent out a postcard for hunters applying with paper applications.

Letter: Prescott water

The water concerns in Prescott are a real and immediate problem.

Letter: Panhandling

The Coalition for Compassion and Justice (CCJ) is pleased to join the Editor’s conversation (Editorial 4/20/18) on the City of Prescott’s Change for the Better initiative to address panhandling in our city.

Letter: Cold turkey

Michael Reagan thinks he was “addicted” to opioids after two weeks?

Letter: Excellent care

Kudos to everyone who works at Peterson Physical Therapy on Iron Springs Road in Prescott for their excellent care.

Letter: Airplanes in Prescott

How could anyone expect a 50-seat aircraft service from Prescott?