Letter: Out of control

Many of us who experienced the Great Depression are horrified at the extravagance of the “younger” generation.

Letter: Super Bowl viewership down

I just read there was a 7 percent drop in the TV ratings for this year’s Super Bowl when compared with last year’s game.

Letter: Council must accommodate traffic

Since our past city council gave Deep Well Ranch, et al., the green light to proceed with their requested development plans for homes, I hope our new city council, city manager, and mayor will now focus on how we are going to accommodate all the extra traffic and the need for expanded infrastructure.

Letter: Students collect and donate food

The students at Coyote Springs Elementary School in Prescott Valley put their community spirit into action recently by collecting and donating 2,840 pounds of food to the Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank.

Letter: Shame

I was enjoying reading Jerry Jackson’s Feb. 7 column about old jingles and other nostalgia.

Letter: Dark money

Howard Fischer, of Capitol Media Services, helped shine the light on “dirty money” in AZ politics with his stunning article, “State utility funneling thousands into Ducey campaign.”

Letter: No collusion

“House Republicans release memo alleging FBI abused surveillance in Russia probe.” Oh please ... the AP?

Letter: Raises, not parade

The military parade that President Trump wants (like the one they had in France and also North Korea, I presume) would surely cost millions of taxpayers’ money.

Letter: Sain series

I applaud Ken Sain for his mini-series on economics. I hope to see more of these kind of columns.

Letter: Season of Lent

Feb. 14 marked the beginning of Lent, the 40-day period before Easter, when Christians abstain from animal foods in remembrance of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the wilderness.

Letter: Third-world country

I sent this as a rant/rave but thought it might deserve more attention:

Letter: My sick friends

Editor: Thanks to the Courier for ruining my Sunday.

Letter: Facts, please

I thought your newspaper was going to make an effort to run serious, fact-based columns about policy, rather than the non-stop insults of maniacal screamers who just want to spew venom.

Letter: Marijuana buy gone bad

I have been working for several years with Brittany who went for a ride with a new friend late one night to buy marijuana. Her friend got out of the car, walked away, and then she heard gunshots.

Letter: Follow the law

First, it seems your Opinion page could be reduced to:

Letter: Separation of Church and State

The recent Louisiana case of a 17-year-old student challenging the school’s recitation of the Lord’s Prayer has disrupted the small town of Webster Parish.

Letter: What hasn’t he taken away?

Robert Graybehl says in his recent letter, “What has he [Trump] taken away? … so far as I can see, nothing.”

Letter: Everyone pays

You speak of no tax increase on a gallon of gasoline.

Letter: Our food

GMO foods may be safe to eat, but the chemical herbicide, glyphosate (i.e., Round-up) which so many crops are engineered to resist, apparently is not!

Letter: Zero water

I am following closely the international story about the impending water disaster unfolding in the Cape Town South Africa region.

Letter: Overreach

One of the many phrases that Republicans are fond of parroting in their thoughtless tirades is “no government overreach.”

Letter: Public v. Private

I have learned that public and private schools do not work in tandem and are designed to serve different populations.

Letter: Looking backward

Many of our local, county, state and federal elected officials are looking backwards.

Letter: Peavine Trail needs protecting

Many who visit the Dells, and the Peavine Trail in particular, assume the whole area is preserved open space.

Letter: Abuse of customers

Do you believe all the developments in modern technology are for the best?