Letter: Contrasting letters

Robert Graybehl’s “Get a Grip” letter of Nov. 10, and Larry Wonderling’s “Beware zealotry” response of Nov. 16 present an interesting study in contrast.

Letter: Tax bill is devastating

The new tax bill just approved by the Senate and if approved by Congress, will drastically cut Medicare (yes, Medicare!) and Medicaid funding over the next 10 years

Letter: Pension offset debacle

In response to J. Dyer’s apologetics on behalf of the government pension offset, I’d like to offer an opposing, uglier picture of this government program for wealth redistribution.

Letter: Good reminder

Kudos to Sheriff Mascher and Police Chiefs Black, Jarrell and Wynn for their article “Shootings can happen anywhere ...”

Letter: Thank you customers

Prescott Downtown Antiques will be closing their doors on Nov. 30 to start a new chapter of business in Texas.

Letter: Vote and run

The City Council is reviewing and has the intent, as I believe they have stated in public, to vote on the Deep Well Ranch Master Plan (DWRMP) and Deep Well Ranch Development Agreement (DWRDA) prior to the swearing in of the recently elected City Council and Mayor.

Letter: Well is not that deep

I don’t care how deep the well is . . . we don’t have Lake Michigan running under Prescott.

Letter: Stop hurting women

Another woman’s body found.

Letter: History lesson

Just a quick note for Carol Eversole of Dewey; Yes Trump was elected president by the Electoral College, but so was EVERY president since this country was formed.

Letter: About those tax cuts

Tax cuts? Really? Maybe if you’re a millionaire or billionaire, but not if you’re an average person.

Letter: No to panhandlers

I agree with Ken McElfresh’s letter about panhandlers.

Letter: Dear Mayor, Council

The Mission of CWAG is to protect the Verde River and to achieve a sustainable water supply in the Prescott Active Management Area. The Deep Well Ranch development, as proposed, will increase the overdraft and move away from safe yield.

Letter: Stick to local issues

I have to wonder what is going on with the Daily Courier (DC). I expect to see one-sided Anti-Trump editorials in the Arizona Republic but do I have to constantly read them in the DC.

Letters: Why pardon a turkey?

President Trump is getting his pardon pen ready, as the Mueller investigation starts indicting his associates.

Letters: Treating symptoms

I am writing in reference to Tuesday’s pictorial message by CagleCartoons.com depicting a “Mass Shooter” as the head DISEASE and his gun as the SYMPTOM.

Letters: Flowers for a vet

On Friday afternoon I was shopping in Safeway. I was wearing my cap with VFW on the front, when a young woman (maybe in her 30s) came over and handed me a bouquet of flowers and gave me a big hug and thanked me for my service.

Letter: Education support

The governor says he supports closing loopholes except for the reimbursement teachers receive for using their own money to buy supplies for the classroom.

Letter: Airport pipe dream

I’ve lived next to the airport for 13 years and in Prescott for 28 years.

Letter: Beware zealotry

Re: Dangerous Rhetoric Although I rarely openly respond to Letters to the Editor, Robert Graybehl’s 11/10/17 “Get a Grip” letter was personally troubling to me!

Letter: Studio Tour thank you

This year marked the 10th annual Artist Studio Tour sponsored by Mountain Artists Guild.

Letter: Hate speech on both sides

Re: Column: Pictures and poison, Tom Cantlon, 11/1/17.

Letter: Not so popular

Re: Another journalist’s inaccuracy

Letter: Water reserves

Let’s apply simple math to our water issue.

Letter: Take a pause

Many letters have been written about the pending developments near the airport, to the west (Deep Well) and the south (Arizona Eco and Walden Ranch), most against, a few in favor.

Letter: Not impaired

I would like to make a “corrective” comment in regarding the “Ducey offers money to help students with disabilities” article.