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Editorial: Close the forest, don't take chances

It is time to close the Prescott National Forest. Forests to the north and east of Yavapai County have done so, because of drought conditions and lack of precipitation.

Letter: Stench of smoke

Thank you for the recent coverage of the smoking issue.

Letter: Enjoy trees

Isn’t spring a time to enjoy trees coming out of hibernation?

Letter: An outburst

Wow, Will Durst (Trump Followers loyal regardless of circumstances, April 30), is really letting Trump supporters have it with both barrels!

Letter: ‘Fake news’

It is unbelievable how uninformed T. Canton is concerning politics and our national well-being.

Letter: Dishonest panhandler

J-P. A. Maldonado wrote a letter to the editor about an incident 40 years ago with a panhandler whom he felt was dishonest and took advantage of him.

Letter: Thank you firefighters!

A heartfelt THANK YOU from all the residents of the Park Ridge at Viewpoint community.

Letter: Our heroes

To our firefighters. How can I even begin to thank you for how you saved our communities that were threatened by the fire May 11?

Letter: Cell towers

In regard to some Rants and Raves, past letters and/or reports in past columns.

Letter: Accolades for firefighters

Congratulations, greatest respect, and admiration to the team which put down the Viewpoint Fire.

Letter: Disrespectful shopper

I just read an article of what to do if a dog attacks. I think it had wonderful information.

Letter: Returned wallet

I am writing this letter on behalf of one of my students at Prescott High School.

Letter: Military-style weapons

After reading the column about AR15s and why people “need them,” I kind of sat there in disbelief.

Letter: City democracy

I noticed the front page article in the Daily Courier outlining various Prescott City Charter changes.

Letter: Truth always prevails

First, I must state I am a child of the 60’s, the Love generation.

Letter: Thank you

Editor: I am a volunteer for the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Resource Center at the office of Arizona Oncology in Prescott Valley.

Letter: Paper pushers

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) has just sent out a postcard for hunters applying with paper applications.

Letter: Prescott water

The water concerns in Prescott are a real and immediate problem.

Letter: Panhandling

The Coalition for Compassion and Justice (CCJ) is pleased to join the Editor’s conversation (Editorial 4/20/18) on the City of Prescott’s Change for the Better initiative to address panhandling in our city.

Letter: Cold turkey

Michael Reagan thinks he was “addicted” to opioids after two weeks?

Letter: Excellent care

Kudos to everyone who works at Peterson Physical Therapy on Iron Springs Road in Prescott for their excellent care.

Letter: Airplanes in Prescott

How could anyone expect a 50-seat aircraft service from Prescott?

Letter: Kudos to dentist

Our family would like to thank Chino Family Dental and Dr. Nick Randall and his great staff.

Letter: All lives matter

This past Wednesday morning I was reading the letters to the editor as I always do.

Letter: ‘Black Lives Matter’

Where did Scott Fraser, in his letter to the editor April 17, get the fabricated idea that “Black Lives Matter [is} an organization that espouses the killing of any and all police officers?”