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11:02 PM Fri, July 20th



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Letter: Large animal shelter

Kudos to The Daily Courier for its continuing coverage of the fire season and the initiatives that are underway to identify and mitigate risks.

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Letter: Come here, change us?

In response to Anna Swigart’s letter regarding Prescott locals not being as welcoming to “outsiders,” ..

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Letter: Apartment complexes

Does anyone ever look into past history of apartment complexes?

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Letter: ‘Mirror image’

Several weeks ago the Courier printed my letter critical of Mr. Trump while asking if the same voters who marked their ballots for the man would also have him as their child’s teacher, one’s pastor, or even one’s lawyer or used car salesman.

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Letter: Police shootings

I don’t live in Phoenix, but I’d like to save them the $150,000 they want to spend on a study of police shootings.

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Letter: Charitable donations

Yavapai County people are generous by nature and that is a good thing.

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Letter: Clowns

Clowns: “A person who habitually jokes and plays the buffoon,” as defined by Merriam Webster.

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Letter: Cellphone service

I read an article in the Daily Courier “Aesthetics Trumped by Safety” — the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors seems to understand that resident safety is a number one issue.

Letter: Skull Valley

Skull Valley residents it is not too late!! Please get involved and save our beautiful community.

Letter: Campaign contributions

Hello. I read with interest the editorial in the Wednesday, July 11, issue of your publication, specifically a proposed ballot measure regarding disclosure of political campaign contributions.

Letter: American Republic

The American Republic, can we maintain it? Apparently what our forefathers thought was a Republic they were creating turns out to be a perfect tool for a con artist to manipulate for his own purposes.

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Letter: Kudos to Hobby Lobby

Kudos and thank you to Hobby Lobby for the full page ad on July 1.

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Letters: Shannon’s screed

As a new paid subscriber, I read Michael Shannon’s “Time for Conservatives…” July 9 screed describing how Democrats will bring an end to civilization as we know it.

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Letters: Remembering Hot Shots

Recently in church, one of our fire chiefs showed an inspirational film about our Granite Mountain Hot Shots.

Letter: Immigrants

Did America arrest and separate the mostly white families seeking asylum from Hitler’s Nazi Germany?

Letter: Welcome

Most Prescottonians welcome newcomers to this friendly, conservative, Christian community with open arms, as many of us were newcomers once too.

Letter: ‘Big yard’

I have noticed a great increase in trash along Highway 89 between Antelope Hills and Chino Valley City limits.

Letter: Granite Dells

Just a few minutes from downtown, one of Arizona’s most stunning landscapes, an iconic popular outdoor destination, a mecca for local and visiting: wildlife watchers, rock climbers, hikers, bikers, and families just out for a casual stroll, faces development.

Letter: The blame game

Considering contributions to the school shootings and threats thereof, I have to say I believe it’s not the NRA, not the guns/weapons, not the teachers or the schools, and not law enforcement.

Letter: 'My stogie’

A gentleman recently shared his reason for moving to Prescott — we limited smoking.

Letter: Drug costs

President Trump has finally zeroed in on drug costs. Those in power have been robbing citizens for years and years.

Letter: Cooperate, live

How to avoid being troubled or shot by a cop: When stopped by a police officer, do what he asks-tells you.

Letter: Development

Like many days, the Opinion page (May 5, 2018) included several letters opposing excessive development: a retiree who moved into a condo six years ago but is now leaving due to the expected impact of the planned housing tract developments; another decrying the related degradation of the Dells; and a featured editorial on development’s impact on the water necessary to sustain the Verde River.

Letter: Bumbling

Jan Brewer, in a recent “Talk of the Town” column, praised Trump’s leadership in the saga of kids separated from their parents.

Letter: ‘Dirty money’

Regarding the editorial on “Would ballot measure fix ‘dirty money’ woes?”