Letter: Buying a gun

Headline 2-28: 21 to buy a gun?

Letter: Fighting dark money

We have read much recently about “dark money” contaminating our elections. Dark money is money that cannot be traced to its source.

Letter: Availability of weapons

I am aware that our real problem is mental illness and the cavalier attitudes regarding violence.

Letter: Deplorable?

A Trump supporter is not necessarily a “Deplorable.”

Letter: Medical marijuana

Regarding the editorial about medical marijuana.

Letter: Thoughtful criticism?

I thought I had gotten used to the constant drumbeat of anti-Trump vitriol masquerading as thoughtful criticism.

Letter: Cheap and easy?

This newspaper recently had a news article about a hearing by Arizona Department of Transportation about Highway 89A and how increased growth in the Prescott and Prescott Valley communities was impacting traffic.

Letter: Be kind

A friend and personal acquaintance made a Facebook post about being verbally attacked at a local store.

Letter: Hungry Kids

The day before Prescott Unified School District classes began in 2010, four of us packed 15 weekend food bags for students in Miller Valley School who had been identified by school staff as having little or no food available to them over the weekend.

Letter: Metal detectors

No new gun control law, real or imagined, will ever prevent someone with a weapon from gaining entry to a school building.

Letter: Parental responsibility

Take a moment and put your feet in the shoes of any one of those parents who lost their beloved teenage son or daughter in the Parkland, Florida, slaying of 17.

Letter: Stop outsourcing

Make America great again as per outsourcing.

Letter: Saving the Dells

According to the Save the Dells website, 25,000 homes are proposed to be built in the next decade.

Letter: Bagging with plastic

RE: Ashley Anderson’s desire for Arizona to ban plastic-bags use like California (Feb. 23): Tell Ashley that I mindfully and responsibly repurpose plastic bags (usually when I forget the cloth bag in the car).

Letter: Second Amendment

Attacking the Second Amendment and the NRA has been an ongoing theme for many years from the left.

Letter: Student walkout

Students, forget about marching and shouting, “Enough!” That doesn’t work.

Letter: Millennial voting

We get the government we deserve.

Letter: Higher-paying jobs

No industry pays average compensation higher than the technology industry. In neighboring states that gap is nominally 30 percent higher.

Letter: Recyclables

An article in The Daily Courier (Feb. 23, page 7A) indicates that “recyclable materials should be in the blue recycle container, but MUST NOT BE BAGGED.”

Letter: Rock star in Prescott

The article on Dr. Jon Bundy with Premier Eye Center a week ago was spot on.

Letter: Second Amendment

My review of court cases related to the second amendment revealed a nearly impenetrable thicket of decisions on who, what, when, and where regulation is required, who may regulate, and how much regulation is needed.

Letter: Guns for teachers

Granted, armed teachers would be a deterrent.

Letter: Good values

RE: The Feb. 1 article in the Courier, “Deputy climbs balcony rescues immobilized resident.”

Letter: Logic - deterrence

The argument that criminals will always find a way to get guns is old and tired and makes little sense.

Letter: Thoughts and prayers?

Another mass shooting at another American school, 17 dead, 15 wounded.