Letter: Good choice

It’s been an eventful two weeks.

Letter: Our heritage

I want to thank you for publishing recently the picture of a lady wearing a Star-Spangled hijab.

Letter: An offense

The front page photo of the Muslim woman’s head draped in an American flag hijab is an offense to all patriotic citizens.

Letter: Question sources

In response to a recent article by Mr. Nigel Reynolds, (Jan. 31, in The Daily Courier: Our readers speak...), he starts by quickly stating his distaste for President Trump by claiming that Trump’s supporters are declining and that he is tired of seeing his photo in the news.

Letter: Fake facts, fake argument

The column by R.F. Buz Williams on Feb. 17 was misdirected, assuming it wasn’t intentionally deceptive.

Letter: Losing out

Prescott City Council never seems to disappoint.

Letter: Brown column

I agree wholeheartedly with Molly Divine and Judy Chorley whose letters to the editor were printed in the paper on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

Letter: Thanks, Augie

The board of directors of the Prescott Police Foundation wish to publicly acknowledge the generosity of Augie Perry, owner of Augie’s Restaurant in Frontier Village, and his customers.

Letter: Fix the problem

The Arizona Lottery was supposed to help fund education.

Letter: Prescott

I’ve returned to live in Prescott in the last six months since graduating with my Masters in Biology from Northern Arizona University, and am in most ways pleased to be back in this distinct community: personable, quaintly alluring, and, frankly, my true hometown.

Letter: Racial divide


Letter: Dinosaur evidence

The arrogance of ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

Letter: Protesters

Protesting is a right of all Americans.

Letter: Evolution facts

It is unfortunate that some uneducated and gullible people are willing to believe that there’s some vast conspiracy by most scientists to suppress any evidence that contradicts those scientist’s collective “pet theory” of evolution, as if thousands of scientists were that petty and insincere.

Letter: New wise words

Words of wisdom like, “to be seen and not heard” and “if you cannot say something nice, don’t say anything at all” that have been engrained in us by our “greatest generation” post-World War II parents, are not the phrases of this world any longer.

Letter: Big party, small tent

The guest editorial by the Yavapai County Republican Party demonstrates why Republicans have lost yet another presidential election by the popular vote.

Letter: Self-delegitimization

Many in the Trump administration are accusing the press of delegitimizing the current administration.

Letter: Drones

RE: Obama’s Drones (News Editor Ken Sain’s column, Jan. 7, 2017)

Letter: Block grants

My two cents’ worth. Community Development Block Grants are a valid source of federal funding to assist low- to moderate-income people in a community.

Letter: GOP shill

Seriously? Your editorial of Jan. 20 and guest editorial of Jan. 21 are the most hypocritical things I’ve seen in print in about ... well ... ever.

Letter: US citizenship

I have been a resident of the United States since birth (74 years).

Letter: Obamacare

On Jan. 21, President Trump and the Republican Party signed an executive order stating that the healthcare agencies no longer need to enforce the individual mandate portion of the affordable healthcare act (Obamacare).

Letter: Not my representative

I just read Liz Lester’s letter re: “Womens March.”

Letter: McNabb is so wrong

His letter on Jan. 28 stated that “The sun is shrinking in size by 5 feet per hour, so in 100,000 years the sun would have been so large that nothing on earth could live, and in 20 million years the sun would have touched the earth.”

Letter: Wishing too much

My response to Mr. ‘Buz’ Williams re: comments titled, “Hopes, fears and expectations”