Letter: VA Hospital

The Parmet family recently experienced the positive, compassionate and impeccably high standards of medical competency at the VA Hospital in Prescott.

Letter: Where’s the big tent?

Got to hand it to those Republican House members in Phoenix.

Letter: Prayer debate

Once again we the people are involved in an unconstitutional argument on personal beliefs of our “leaders” in their own religion.

Letter: Keeping citizens out

With Governor Doug Ducey having signed legislation (HB2404) adopted by “our” Republican-controlled legislature to make it nearly impossible to bring initiatives to the ballot, I would encourage voters to join the efforts to repeal HB2404.

Letter: Snakes

Between the two April 26 headlines, “Prescott Council rejects climate change agreement” and “Senate votes to lower teaching standards” was this other headline: “Co-existing with snakes.”

Letter: Thanks

We wish to extend our thanks and prayers to all who knew my husband and dad, Jimmy Carbajal, and offered support during our difficult times with his illness and death.

Letter: Bowl for Kids’ Sake

It was Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters’ 34th year of Bowl for Kids’ Sake, and the season cannot come to a close until we thank all those who have made 2017 such a successful year.

Letter: Pick-ups and SUVs

Congratulations on your new Pick-up/SUV: Please read your manual carefully, you are now entitled to the following;

Letter: Climate Protection Agreement

Re: The proposed Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement resolution

Letter: Editorial cartoon

The political cartoon in the April 6 edition of the Courier showing Democrats in a high chair crying with the caption about not cooperating with Republicans misses a key fact about political history.

Letter: Thank you

I’d like to offer a heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make our “Kick Cancer to the Curb” head-shaving event a reality.

Letter: Essential services

Essential air service subsidy in jeopardy (Friday, April 7)? I hope so!

Letter: Killers

“I have no respect for men who kill other men for a living.” (Rants and Raves, Sunday, April 2).

Letter: Public schools

An April 12 Courier front page article was titled: “Governor: I didn’t betray public schools — Top teachers tell Ducey expanding vouchers is like dropping ‘nuclear bomb’ on public education.”

Letter: Prescott Chamber Orchestra

On Friday, April 7, I was one member of an appreciative audience at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church as the Prescott Chamber Orchestra presented a program called “Exotic Spring.”

Letter: School vouchers

What’s the next step for public school teachers after the governor and state legislature expanded school vouchers in Arizona?

Letter: Article on pension fund

I would strongly recommend that all Prescott residents read the April 14 article in the Arizona Republic: “Study concludes Arizona’s public-safety pension fund among worst-performing in nation” (google it).

Letter: Truth or dare

I read an article in the Daily Courier that the property owner on the southwest side of Prescott is planning on building an apartment complex at an abandoned mobile home park.

Letter: Improve current system

This is in response to Representative Stringer’s April 18 “Talk of the Town” about “A Reason to Celebrate,” the passing of the Empowerment Scholarship Accounts.

Letter: PAL thanks

Prescott Area Leadership would like to thank the sponsors who made our recent Man, Woman and Youth Leader of the Year Awards such a success.

Letter: Panoramic idea

Since the Sukumar Pal home is being marketed at a bargain price, and has a panoramic view of the city, and since we’ve had ongoing discussion of building a memorial for our fallen firefighters, why not buy that property to serve as a lookout station and memorial, all in one?

Letter: Saving a life

I want to share a feel-good story about an ordinary girl saving a life.

Letter: Science matters

Please, please, spare us these long winded essays by the fundamentalist, Holly Schrader.

Letter: Wrong equation

There is a broad consensus among natural scientists that anthropomorphic climate change is real.

Tease photo

Letter: Grandparent scam

I received a scam call from Atlantic City, New Jersey, for a grandparent.