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8:05 PM Mon, Sept. 24th



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Letter: Shame, shame

I’m curious as to how anybody in the Republican Party can support a man like our president after the way he has treated John McCain.

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Letter: Survivors

As a Mental Health Professional of over 30 years, I have worked with so many survivors of both physical and sexual abuse/assault.

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Letter: Dr. Ford and the FBI

The reason that Dr. Ford wants an FBI investigation is to know what investigation facts she can use so that she can say what, if anything, the FBI found out.

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Letter: Bedrock of our democracy?

Apparently, some writers fear that our public education system, “the bedrock of our democracy,” is under attack, and are not happy about that. They should wonder why that is.

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Letter: Near Prescott?

Regarding the article about deer in Yavapai Hills, I am tired of reading about Yavapai Hills “near Prescott.”

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Letter: Charter schools, do the math

The problem with teachers is that they don’t do the math. Don’t worry about teaching every child, think about making money. Form a company and open a charter school.

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Letter: No on Kavanaugh

Sen. Flake, we know too little about Judge Kavanaugh’s full history to allow for an informed vote on his nomination. Believe me, if the political balance were reversed, your party would be equally clamoring for full release of all there is from his past.

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Letter: Facts, not opinions

Regarding Jim Martin’s letter (“Integrity hard at work,” Sept. 19), the letter is a classic example of disregarding facts in favor of partisan politics.

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Letter: Reduction in greenhouse gases

Publicly available data show that the U.S. has made significant progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the past 10 years.

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Letter: Won’t be voting

When, in 1960, I turned 21 I was excited by the possibility of electing a president. Now an adult, I had a say in national politics!

Letter: We’ve helped Puerto Rico

Hello, Puerto Rico.

Letter: Math debate continued

It is nice to see that readers are concerned about the number of teachers that schools are losing on a regular basis and the negative issues it causes for instruction and learning.

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Letter: Integrity hard at work

The last time I checked the Constitution, Congress is coequal with the President and SCOTUS!

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Letter: Looking into the hotel project

Thanks to Howard Mechanic for looking into the hotel project. It could be a good thing for Prescott but there are many unanswered questions.

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Letter: Illegal signs all over town?

In the last year there has been a proliferation of illegal commercial plastic corrugated signs on fences, sign posts, trees, public, and private property in the Quad City area.

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Letter: Tearing down the old Prescott Valley Motel

It seems every time I pick up the paper there is a new and shocking development reported. This time it is the story concerning the tearing down of the beloved Prescott Valley Motel to make room for a Super Circle K.

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Letter: More on Granite Dells

In Joe Trudeau’s recent Talk of the Town he speaks to the unique opportunity afforded our council to preserve a much-beloved, 500-acre portion of the Granite Dells while allowing Arizona Eco Development (AED) to profitably develop elsewhere on their vast acreage.

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Letter: Unconscionable Shingrix vaccine shortage

Like many Prescott adults and seniors I have been unable to get the second of my two Shingrix shingles vaccine shots for a couple of months due to an unexplained and scandalous national shortage of this new and much more effective Shingles vaccine.

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Letter: Save the Dells

My name is Sawyer Fields. I am 12 years old and a student at Basis Prescott, and I’m writing this letter in regards to the donation I will be making to Save the Dells.

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Letter: Ensign Flake

As Sen. Jeff Flake assumes the position of senior senator from Arizona for a couple months, I’d like to ask him to screen the movie “Mr. Roberts.” (OK, bear with me for a moment on this.)

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Letter: Left, Right and Center

Without intending to join a bandwagon for either party, I am amazed at the efforts that they will both go through to distance themselves from each other. Some will go so far as to claim that their opposites have virtually nothing to offer. Really?

Letter: Respect

Do you believe it to be a coincidence or a Divine sign from above that both Ted Kennedy and our beloved John McCain passed on the same day?

Letter: Other side to helicopter school

On the story reported on the helicopter school, I would like to add a few things. Mr. Pena invested his life savings?

Letter: Greenhouse gases revisited

With scorching heat and raging wildfires in the West and torrential downpours and massive flooding in the East, global warming is not just about a gentle sea rise any more.

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Public school system under attack

America’s public school system, the bedrock of our democracy, is under a well-funded, tightly coordinated, attack.