Letters: Rich unscathed

I disagree with John Stossel’s premise in his recent column “The Evil Rich” that less regulation makes the pie larger.

Letters: Our health

Unless we are hiding under a rock, we all now know that GMO corn is a carcinogen.

Letters: Dealing with opioids

America is in the grip of an opioid drug crisis. We lose someone every 20 minutes to opioid pain pills, and their use has led many to street heroin. This is taking place in regular towns amongst good people, and there has to be a means to an end.

Letters: Russian New Year

The law’s rapidly closing in on President Donald J. Trump. He’s feeling the heat. The U.S. Constitution, federal courts, the Department of Justice, Office of the Special Counsel, Investigators, FBI witnesses, testimony, NSA, CIA.

Letters: Killing a burro

Once again idiots take it upon themselves to kill an animal who has done nothing to harm them or anyone else. A burro is a peaceful animal that will avoid contact with humans.

Letter: Local, local, not left

Regarding your editor’s note above the Dec. 28 letters to the editor, I read the local paper for local news only.

Letter: More for Congress to do

Congress passed its tax bill to put more money into our pockets.

Letter: Plenty of evidence

Aside from policy considerations that the President has promoted or proposed, which many approve and many oppose, there are questions of behavior and character that are serious enough to be disqualifying.

Letter: Didn’t go far enough

The article on safety did not go far enough.

Letter: No meters, change parking

In response to your editorial “Downtown parking woes could result in costly measures” (January 7):

Tease photo

Letter: Salvation Army says thanks

The all-volunteer Chino Valley/Paulden Area Salvation Army would like to thank all of the area citizens who donated funds to the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign.

Letter: Take action, stop criticizing

Vehicle vs Pedestrian/Bicyclist; The time for who is to blame for traffic collisions involving vehicles vs. pedestrians/bicyclists needs to stop.

Letter: Happy trails

Recently the forest service and their volunteers improved some trails in Granite Basin.

Letter: Another Saturday Night Massacre?

Senator Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, spoke on the Senate floor December 20, warning President Trump against firing Robert Mueller or pardoning key witnesses in his investigation into Russia’s meddling in our 2016 election.

Letter: One income is possible

I appreciated your column in today’s Courier. Each of the five points was spot on.

Letters: President bites dog

It is impossible for the press to hate Trump because he has given them so much to publish and attract readers. Trump is literally a continuous 24-hour “man bites dog story.”

Letter: Honest people in Prescott

I wanted to thank the person that turned in my cell phone at the Lowe’s on Hwy 69. I had taken a photo of a rug and left it on a box in that isle. I continued on my shopping and went to two other stores before I became aware that I didn’t have my phone.

Letter: Taxes help community

My name is Moses and I work at a local car dealership where we have many complaining about the new tax increase in the city of Prescott.

Letter: Worth paying for

I grew up in Lansing Michigan during the 1950s and ’60s.

Letter: Pretty tree

I was concerned that the special tree located north of Sunset Point in the middle median was dying.

Letter: Traffic is coming

Re: Today’s title, “Growth is coming, etc.”

Letter: Police Foundation grateful

to thank all the participants in our annual fundraising event, which was a raffle to win a freezer filled with assorted meat from Mortimer Farms.

Letter: Offensive cartoon

I was very offended by your decision to print the not so funny cartoon, “The Angry State of America,” on Jan. 2, 2018.

Letter: Smells like rat

Courier article 29 Dec., “I Smell a Rat.”

Letter: Happy New Year

Hoping all of you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.