Letter: Unfounded insults

Regarding Buz Williams’ column on “The Dignity of Work” in today’s paper, my first reaction on reading the headline was basically positive, despite the fact that I disagree with him on most issues.

Letter: Remember Charlie

There is no address in the 20th century that is more infamous.

Letter: Socratic circle

I was motivated to do some homework following Senator McCain’s impassioned speech on the importance of compromise to our system of government.

Letter: Living near an airport

Just from geography, the Deep Well development is an Ill-advised project.

Letter: Look before privatizing

Our City Council should be very wary about privatizing services.

Letter: Enough with Polman

I just finished “What will it take for Republicans to say enough is enough?” by Dick Polman.

Letter: Russian foes

I’m a veteran, a father and grandfather, I’m not OK with Russians infiltrating our elections, our government and being welcomed into our White House!

Letter: Bring out limits, solutions

So, the Republican Party ideas on “health care” consist of “...all sick people die as soon as possible” and savings are passed on to the “wealthiest businessmen.”

Letter: Ward hatchet job

Regarding the July 27 Courier editorial, “Kelli Ward’s conduct is unbecoming of a U.S. Senator,” nice hatchet job!

Letter: Deep worries

The Deep Well Ranch development worries me.

Letter: What wall?

Who is still chanting, “Build that wall”?

Letter: Citizen McCain

Senator John McCain had the opportunity to change the ACA or “Obamacare” that he has been publicly ranting about since it was passed by the Democrats.

Letter: Sports related brain disease

Although I am pretty well convinced that there is a connection between contact sports and CTE, the 110 of 111 tested brains of former players were all that were submitted.

Letter: Pet adoption

I just read the National Pet Adoption article and need to voice my concerns.

Letter: EPA regulation

I disagree with Senator Flake’s stance on EPA regulation of our forests and waterways.

Letter: Wars on our soil

As an Army veteran, I feel it’s important to respond to Kathleen Peters’ letter (Summer in Prescott, July 18).

Letter: Trump & alternative

President Trump, so far, seems to believe he can run the government as a one-man operation.

Tease photo

Letter: Show us proof, Rep. Gosar

Rep. Paul Gosar recently put the worst sort of illogical propaganda MEME on his Facebook page that states: “So you’re silent when a young woman is taken at the hands of an illegal alien, but you speak up when an insect is threatened at the expensive of a border wall.

Letter: I-17 absurdity

Interstate 17 was closed indefinitely for a propane truck fire near Black Canyon City this past week.

Letter: Fire evacuation

On June 28, my cat, Lara, and I had to evacuate, from the Prescott Country Club in Dewey, because of the Goodwin Fire.

Letter: Free college

This was a facetious editorial.

Letter: Kirkland Mine

I am writing about the Kirkland Mine potentially using Iron Springs Road to transport pozzolan from their mine in Kirkland to Drake Cement.

Letter: School vouchers

With AZ public schools ranking at or very near the bottom of all 50 states, the state HAS to do A better job of funding our schools OR start helping the parents who choose Charter or Parochial schools.

Letter: Info needed on Kirkland mining

In 2015, the Courier quoted Rem Hawes of the Bureau of Land Management.

Letter: Flag longevity

I cover the tips of my flags using a two-part, clear epoxy glue. For a 3x5-foot flag, cover both sides of the trailing edge tips (corners) about 1.5 inches in and let it dry.