Letter: Good Samaritans

Today, Wednesday, Oct. 18, my car broke down on Highway 69 just before the intersection of Gateway Boulevard.

Letter: Treehuggers of Prescott

It is with great sadness I announce that a big tree located just east of the Courthouse.

Letter: It's about the water

When deciding where to spend our retirement we chose the Prescott area, “America’s Hometown!”

Letter: Trump tax plan – do the math

I did some calculations to see which taxpayers would benefit under Trump’s tax plan.

Letter: Taking a knee

Take a knee on your own time. Let’s set things straight, football players are entertainers, nothing more.

Letter: Deep Well impact

Perhaps Jim Lamerson’s defense of “no apologies for supporting private property rights,” (Oct. 7, Talk of the Town), would make better sense if the private property he’s referring to were not 1,800 acres of the Deep Well Ranch which, if the developer gets his way, will be turned into an urban sprawl of 10,000-plus homes.

Letter: Fake news – repeat

I am responding about the liberals who listen to fake news and are just repeat it and believe it.

Letter: Scouts

Boy Scouts now allowing girls in? Girls have their own organization.

Letter: Endangered species

I once wrote a poem about the plight of an Eskimo girl I knew, and intimated a spiritual witness to her life with the line “while the walrus watched, crying.”

Letter: Election facts

RE: Lee Radu, letter titled “Fake President,” that appeared on Oct. 13.

Letter: Care appreciated

I would like to thank members of the Prescott Emergency Pet Clinic for their wonderful care of my injured cat “Gizmo.”

Letter: Don’t mine near Canyon

Interior Secretary Zinke is being asked to reopen areas near the Grand Canyon to new uranium mining.

Letter: It could happen here

What makes Prescott City Council feel that the fires that are happening in California can’t happen in Prescott?

Letter: Rent prices

After my dear wife died and the logical thing for me to do was sell our home and downsize.

Letter: Dog waste damage

Most recently, Mr. Dan Klass wrote that not only is dog urine benign, but actually beneficial to plants.

Letter: Public education

Unbelievable, isn’t it, how determined the state government of Arizona is, in its obsession to destroy Arizona’s public school system.

Letter: Noise

In his column, Tim Wiederaenders, has been discussing the noise ordinance.

Letter: Turn him out

I am an acquaintance of former Flagstaff dentist and CD 1 representative Paul Gosar.

Letter: Deep Well Ranch

In reading about the Deep Well Ranch new subdivision I was concerned about the overall size of this new city (Deep Well Ranch) they want to build next to the airport.

Letter: Gosar’s the best

I was very shocked and sad to see this morning’s paper.

Letter: Price gouging

Is John Stossel kidding?

Letter: Kirkland Mine

We support Kirkland Mining Company coming to this area.

Letter: Developers

Mayor Pro Tem Jim Lamerson recently wrote when there are potential public health and safety issues or negative effects on others by proposed new development then we reserve the right to negotiate an agreement with those private property developers.

Letter: Keep talking truth

Re: First Amendment Issue by Mary Frederickson (The readers always write, 10/12/2017): Thank you, Mary, and thank God that someone finally got it right.

Letter: To Sen. McCain

John McCain is once again a hero going against his ‘party’ by refusing to kick 20 million people off health care.