Letter: Vote yes on 443

Let’s take our heads out of the sand and deal with our PSPRS liability. The facts are simple:

Letter: Use the zipper

Time to do a reminder on ADOT’s recommended “zipper” system for lane closures.

Letter: Don’t fear thugs

I would like to personally assure Mr. Eric Whitaker (Violent Politicians-June 6) that he has nothing to fear from politically motivated “thugs.”

Letter: Know of what you speak

When a columnist writes, he should have a little knowledge of his subject.

Letter: Listen to the tape

Frederickson’s assertion (Courier, June 14th) that Trump was “not boasting about sexually assaulting women” on the Hollywood tape is in direct contradiction to Trump’s own words.

Letter: Unrecognizable

I was born into a family of Eisenhower Republicans.

Letter: Firearm facts

Regarding the column “Let’s play ball on gun reform.” In the future before posting any column, it would be best to fact check the supposed “facts” put forth by the columnist.

Letter: No schools no solution

I’d like to respond to a letter to the editor by Victor Nelson suggesting we close all schools in Prescott to make it the “Sun City of the North.”

Letter: Indian ancestry

The whole story about the Indian Child Welfare Act is a fraud upon the U.S. Constitution.

Letter: More jobs

My Fellow Americans: Our president has decided to make coal our energy source of the future, primarily due to the hundreds of thousands of jobs this will create.

Letter: Lots of cruising

Cruise in for the Veterans’ sixth annual car show on April 29 at Yavapai College was our biggest and best ever. We had just under 300 cars and Prescott showed up.

Letter: Thanks Chino

Saturday, June 17, 2017 was a night to remember for family, friends and the community as we gathered to share thoughts, prayers and memories of an amazing little boy, Christian Pearson.

Letter: Parents aren’t enough

Ken Sain’s column urges that parents should be the proper authority to determine how their children utilize smart phones.

Letter: McCain

Has Senator Morphed into a Democrat? Since his reelection, Senator McCain has reasserted his negative, true left wing orientation.

Letter: Vaccinating dogs

Regarding leptospirosis. First and foremost, it is imperative to have your dogs vaccinated against the bacterial disease.

Letter: Retirees only

Prescott has been honored many times as “the” place to retire/visit/live, despite concerns about water availability, firehouse brown outs, pension funding, funding of the Prescott School District, teacher salaries and declining teacher staff, declining student enrollment, charter school issues, whether to increase property taxes or increase sales taxes.

Letter: Care of hummingbirds

Our warm weather is already upon us and I know there are many who have hummingbird feeders out.

Letter: Re: Common Sense?

Your community editor’s 6/15/17 article “Common Sense Has Left the Country” was concerned and caring, yet the “Common Sense” seemed a bit misplaced.

Letter: Trump health care

Newsflash! President Trump has a rare moment of truth. He now has declared, after previously holding a celebratory gathering with fellow Republicans in the Rose Garden, that the health care plan passed by the House is “mean.”

Letter: Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady they call people like me.

Letter: Virus alert

RE: the article this morning about the computer scam.

Letter: Yes on 443

There has been numerous recent discussion regarding the need to vote “yes” and pass Prop. 443 & the .75 percent tax increase to cover the city of Prescott’s unpaid liability towards the PSPRS retirement pension.

Letter: No photos

Re Talk of the Town writer Alan Whitney, June 10 Courier.

Letter: Chino Valley health care

Nextcare (who took over the C.V. medical care) action of ending having a primary care doctor is really a terrible action.

Letter: Understanding elderly

There have been criticisms in the Courier about the elderly being rude.