Editorial: Put distance between regulators, special interests

Election or appointment? That is the question the head of the Arizona Corporation Commission, Tom Forese, has raised for the state’s utility regulators.

Editorial: The world is changing, we need to accept that

This month the Secret Service announced it was relaxing its standards on applicants, allowing men and women who admit to using marijuana on a regular basis in their youth to be considered for a position that may include protecting the President of the United States.

Editorial: State should make foster care program permanent

In 2013, then Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law a five-year pilot program that would give children raised in foster homes free tuition at the state’s public universities and colleges.

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Editorial: Yes, Kathy Griffin did a very stupid thing

Comedian Kathy Giffin has apologized for her photo shoot that included a decapitated head of the president, but that should not be the end of our discussion on this issue.

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Editorial: Go ahead, wear the spaghetti strainer

Living in a free country means that there will be times when we have to give others the freedom to do something stupid.

Editorial: Former AG may escape fine; system is broken

The evidence appears to be clear, but the system is broken.

Editorial: Responsiveness is great; keep signs out of right-of-way

A bit of clarity is needed for the City of Prescott’s sign code and today’s possible action by the council.

Editorial: If state won’t ban texting while driving, county should

Near the end of the 2017 legislative session, Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law Sen. Karen Fann’s bill banning new drivers from texting while driving.

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Column: When is it time to give children a cell phone?

'Raising Prescott'

In many ways, cell phones have made our lives easier, but they’ve also made them more difficult.

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Editorial: Hazing is going to kill the Greek system on campuses

On Feb. 2 of this year, 19-year-old Tim Piazza — a sophomore at Penn State University — was undergoing a ritual with its roots in the Middle Ages, hazing at the Beta Theta Pi house.

Editorial: Smart devices are making us dumb, and rude

Walk into a restaurant and you will probably see a couple enjoying a meal – while they’re looking at their cell phones.

Editorial: State should not lower its dropout rate

The jobs of the future will not be in manufacturing.

Editorial: Stop the insanity; fully fund public education

Old patterns keep repeating and it’s beyond silly at this point.

Editorial: Minimum wage hike looks good, so far

Arizona voters passed a minimum wage increase in the November 2016 election despite claims from opponents that it would be a huge job killer.

Editorial: Teachers need support, not lower standards

Gov. Doug Ducey and our state legislature realize there is a teaching shortage and have decided to act.

Editorial: APS should disclose its 2014 campaign spending

In order for our campaign finance system to work there needs to be full transparency.

Editorial: State shouldn’t pay for a Giffords shooting memorial

If you look for the exact spot where George Wallace was shot on May 15, 1972, you will have trouble finding it.

Editorial: Climate agreement matter of cost, responsibility

One of the guiding principles entrenched in the campaigns for Mayor and Council members in Prescott is that the positions are non-partisan.

Editorial: No checks on private gun sales shifts little

Background checks on private gun sales. They have been an integral part of the national discussion on gun control each time the issue surfaces.

Editorial: Lawmakers need to quit tipping the education playing field

In 1994 Arizona lawmakers decided to make this state the leading laboratory for school choice, giving its citizens options on where to educate their children.

Editorial: Air travel getting dangerous; what would you do?

Just when you thought passenger challenges for United Airlines could not have gotten worse, they did.

Editorial: Forfeiture law long overdue in Arizona

Arizona is one of two states where law enforcement officers are allowed to use seizure income to fund officer salaries (the other is Texas).

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Editorial: It’s time to end home rule voting in Arizona

Every four years Arizona cities and towns must go before voters and ask them permission to do their jobs.

Editorial: Lawmakers, give anti-texting bill a vote

From time to time during the legislative session we wonder what lawmakers are doing. We see proposals that seem self-serving or extreme.