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Editorial: Gov. Ducey deserves praise for his KidsCare plan

Gov. Doug Ducey announced that if funding for the KidsCare program runs out as expected next month, and Congress still hasn’t acted to extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), he will take money out of the state’s reserves to cover costs to keep it going.

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Editorial: National parks should not come at Cadillac prices

“National parks are the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst.” Wallace Stegner

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Editorial: State should step aside and let Bisbee govern Bisbee

In 2012 the quaint city of Bisbee decided, through its duly-elected representatives, that they were sick of all the litter ruining the views and damaging one of its major industries, tourism.

Editorial: State Education Board flunks test on grading Arizona schools

As if Arizona’s education system did not have enough problems, it’s beginning to look like the state’s new school grading system is flawed.

Editorial: Proposals losing touch: It’s not about the show

You’ve no doubt seen them, videos on Facebook where someone went to great effort to stage a marriage proposal or to ask someone to the prom.

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Editorial: The word that makes us uncomfortable

The Biloxi School District in Mississippi removed Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” off its eighth-grade reading list this month because, “There were complaints about it.

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Editorial: Vaccination case is not simply religion vs. science

There are great philosophical debates to have on when people should trust their faith and values, and when science needs to be considered.

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Editorial: Walking to school safely would include needed sidewalks

The centerpiece story on The Daily Courier’s front page Thursday, Oct. 5, asked the question: What does it take to walk to school safely?

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Editorial: Sexually transmitted infections are increasing, health care is not working

The sexually transmitted diseases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have all become more common leading up to 2016, the last year numbers are available.

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Editorial: HOAs have a purpose, foreclosing is not one of them

There is no doubt that Homeowner Associations do a lot of good for communities, especially in protecting everyone’s investment in their properties.

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Editorial: Best way to attract teachers, fix Arizona education

This week Gov. Doug Ducey promoted his plan to attract teachers to Arizona.

Editorial: Growth will come, we need to manage it smartly

During the uproar of Chino Valley’s Town Council considering a bid to put a motorsports facility at Old Home Manor, then-Mayor Chris Marley offered some sage words:

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Editorial: More to be heard about silencers

We’d like to thank the Courier readers who reached out to us to point out additional information that could have been included in our Sept. 14 editorial about the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act.

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Editorial: Real hunters don’t use silencers

The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act has many common-sense proposals to ease restrictions on hunting on federal lands, including better access to shooting ranges and allowing for transportation of guns and bows across state lines.

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Editorial: What are voucher proponents afraid of?

In our representative democracy, the people we elect are supposed to represent us.

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Editorial: Time for only 1 election or new formula in Prescott

The matter of elections in the City of Prescott comes down to math and money.

Editorial: Some symbols need to be used with great care

At its home soccer match on Saturday, Aug. 26, Phoenix Rising officials asked some of the team’s most dedicated fans to remove a banner it was flying.

Editorial: Ban homework, don’t ban homework?

A school district in Florida has eliminated homework for its elementary school students, citing a 2006 study that shows children that young don’t benefit from it.

Editorial: Sometimes we have to trust the system

It’s easy to forget that this grand American experiment was something new when it began more than two centuries ago.

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Editorial: No pardon for Arpaio

Donald Trump, like many other presidents, is a creature of habit.

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Editorial: Corporation commissioners, give us a break

Arizona Public Service has been center-stage lately — from news of the ongoing subpoenas seeking APS disclosure of alleged 2014 election influences to its complex rate case, which the Arizona Corporation Commission is expected to vote on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

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Editorial: City is right to enforce its bed tax guidelines

For years, we have reported on events that received a Tourism Grant Allocation from the City of Prescott.

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Editorial: Free college won’t work in Arizona

Last week Rhode Island became the fourth state to offer two years of community college free for state residents, joining New York, Oregon and Tennessee.

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Editorial: Enough campaign letters, time to vote

Today, in accordance with an established tradition of fair play, The Daily Courier has published the majority of the remaining letters we’ve received on direct campaign issues.

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Editorial: Smartphones sure make us dumb

Most Arizonans have long believed in individual freedom and passing as few laws as needed.