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Editorial: No pardon for Arpaio

Donald Trump, like many other presidents, is a creature of habit.

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Editorial: Corporation commissioners, give us a break

Arizona Public Service has been center-stage lately — from news of the ongoing subpoenas seeking APS disclosure of alleged 2014 election influences to its complex rate case, which the Arizona Corporation Commission is expected to vote on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

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Editorial: City is right to enforce its bed tax guidelines

For years, we have reported on events that received a Tourism Grant Allocation from the City of Prescott.

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Editorial: Free college won’t work in Arizona

Last week Rhode Island became the fourth state to offer two years of community college free for state residents, joining New York, Oregon and Tennessee.

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Editorial: Enough campaign letters, time to vote

Today, in accordance with an established tradition of fair play, The Daily Courier has published the majority of the remaining letters we’ve received on direct campaign issues.

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Editorial: Smartphones sure make us dumb

Most Arizonans have long believed in individual freedom and passing as few laws as needed.

Editorial: We, as voters, must demand better

It doesn’t take an advanced degree in political science to understand politicians.

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Editorial: Yes to Prop 443, a fair, smart way to be responsible stewards

As a reader wisely told us this past week, “Never choose a candidate by a sign; choose them on their character, intelligence, and listen to their opinions on important issues.”

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Editorial: Kelli Ward’s conduct is unbecoming of a U.S. Senator

One qualification for a U.S. Senator that we should all be able to agree on is that they have good judgment.

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Editorial cartoon 1: July 25, 2017

Editorial cartoon: July 25, 2017

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Editorial: Keep fighting, Senator McCain

Doctors discovered that McCain has an aggressive form of cancer, glioblastoma, and has a tumor inside his brain.

Editorial: When others are at risk, the state should step in

Starting Sunday, if you use a cell phone, tablet, laptop or gaming device while driving in the state of Washington you can be fined $136 for the first violation under a new law, the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics (DUIE).

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Editorial: Stay informed, sign up for emergency alerts

This area has seen its share of emergency situations in the past few weeks, from a dangerous wildfire, to people being asked to evacuate their homes, to flash flooding.

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Editorial: Responsibility comes with waving the flag

If you’re going to showcase the United States flag, then you have a responsibility to display it properly and to treat it with respect.

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Editorial: If the cause is right, then be righteous

There is a fine line to protesting, and it’s not always easy to navigate it.

Editorial: Prescott’s councilmembers don’t need guns at City Hall

This editorial board is divided on the issue of Prescott councilmembers being permitted to bring their weapons into City Hall.

Editorial: Parades are for coming together, not politics

A group advocating against Dark Money in our political system said they did everything right.

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Editorial: Use of all tools to fight fire requires balance

The challenge with a 747 airplane — converted to be a slurry bomber — being grounded for lack of certification truly goes back to 2004.

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Editorial: This fire is a reminder we should all heed

There’s a video of the Goodwin Fire on YouTube showing cars on Highway 69 pulling over so the occupants can watch.

Editorial: The high price of false alarms

There is a problem when 99.2 percent of the alarms police respond to are false and in this age of amazing technology, there is absolutely no reason for it to be that high.

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Editorial: Unmarked police cars aren’t a problem, unless you are

John Wooden, the legendary men’s basketball coach at UCLA, gets the credit for this quote:

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Editorial: Parents should make decisions, not lawmakers

A Denver man has proposed a ballot initiative in Colorado that would be the first of its kind in the nation, if he can get enough support for it.

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Editorial: Words can hurt, trial verdict shows

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

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Editorial: New day for the PV Event Center

The Town of Prescott Valley is nearing an agreement to take over ownership of the Event Center, bringing it out of bankruptcy and setting it on firm footing.

Editorial: Put distance between regulators, special interests

Election or appointment? That is the question the head of the Arizona Corporation Commission, Tom Forese, has raised for the state’s utility regulators.