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8:38 AM Fri, Nov. 16th



Letter: Cooks page

Re: Courier Cooks page Tuesday, Nov. 6:

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Editorial: Courier offers picks in partisan races, ballot questions

The Daily Courier Editorial Board is making its General Election recommendations, and today we offer our candidate endorsements with picks in partisan races, and our stand on the ballot questions.

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Editorial: Journalism matters, especially locally

“Journalism matters. Now more than ever,” is the theme of this year’s National Newspaper Week, Oct. 7-13.

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Graham: It’s like something out of a movie!

Having recently moved to this area from Tulsa, Oklahoma, I can tell you I have learned some things over the past month.

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Editorial: Downtown hotel project vote needed more transparency

An Aug. 28 vote of 5-1 by the Prescott City Council continues to raise questions and concerns three weeks later.

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Editorial: Downtown Prescott hotel project vote needed more transparency

An Aug. 28 vote of 5-1 by the Prescott City Council continues to raise questions and concerns three weeks later. At the center of the storm is a 50-year, city-land lease for a Hilton Garden Inn hotel in downtown Prescott.

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Editorial: Give wisely to hurricane relief charity funds

As Hurricane, now Tropical Storm Florence continues to batter the East Coast, the need for relief has shifted into high gear.

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Editorial: Kneel and ‘believe in something?’ How about do the right thing

Colin Kaepernick, in 2016, surpassed his fame as a quarterback in the NFL when he ignited a firestorm of controversy by choosing to kneel on one knee, rather than stand, while the United States national anthem was being played.

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Guest editorial: Social media doesn’t ruin people’s lives, people do

The old saying about “guns don’t kill people, people do” has a lot in common with the use of social media today.

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Editorial: A step in the right direction

When the Northern Arizona Veteran Affairs Health Care System was notified by national officials in June that its nursing home facility in Prescott, the Community Living Center, ranked as the lowest VA of any in the country, the distinction was a black eye for the facility.

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Editorial: AZMerit unearths chasm of perception

Yes, the AZMerit scores are in. And, yes, local schools showed a little improvement, year over year.

Editorial: Stop the robocalls, FCC

“Ring, ring, ring,” followed by a recording. That’s what Arizonans have heard more than ever this year on our cell and landline phones.

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Haupt Jr.: New commercial passenger service a big deal

When the U.S. Department of Transportation announced July 17, 2018, it had chosen SkyWest Airlines to provide commercial passenger service at Prescott Municipal Airport, I nodded in agreement because travel from and to Prescott was about to get a whole lot easier for me and other folks.

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Editorial: ‘Ballot harvesting’ versus voter responsibility

Some people just cannot get to the polls at election time.

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Editorial: Prescott Police kick it in Lip Sync Challenge

Law enforcement officers and employees have tough jobs. They handle tense calls for help. They run toward danger. They make quick decisions in complex situations. And they sing and dance ...

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Editorial: Saving water is a year-round responsibility

We’re in a drought. Though the area is currently receiving precipitation from monsoons, the rainfall will not be enough to undo our water shortage.

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Editorial: Why would Forest Service let Stubbs Fire burn?

“Why would Prescott National Forest officials not fight the Stubbs Fire and just let it burn?” That is a question that several readers have asked us this week.

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Editorial: Would ballot measure fix ‘dirty money’ woes?

Do we have a right to know who is influencing an election? Voters in 2018 may get a chance to change the rules — but not necessarily on the local level.

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Editorial: Remember what today’s holiday commemorates

This is the day for picnics and entertainment events. (We’d say fireworks, but we will get to that later.)

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Editorial: Rep. Stringer badly misses mark on ‘apology tour’

Prescott Rep. David Stringer went on the road last week to mend some fences. Stringer had come under fire following comments he made at a June 12 Republican Men’s Forum in Prescott.

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Editorial: Hotshots memorial fitting, done right

After years of diligent work and dozens of meetings, Prescott will have a memorial fitting for the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who died June 30, 2013 fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire.

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Editorial cartoon (1): June 25, 2018

Editorial Cartoon (1): June 25, 2018

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Editorial cartoon (2): June 25, 2018

Editorial Cartoon (2): June 25, 2018

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Editorial: Majority condemn Stringer’s comments as racist; others say they’re true

Earlier this month, Prescott’s own Rep. David Stringer came under fire nationally after he gave a speech at the local Republican Men’s Forum on June 12. Critics, including the head of the Arizona Republican Party, deemed his comments so racist they called for his resignation.

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Editorial: Where can members of Congress live?

The fervor seems to never stop over the people who, we as Americans, have sent to Washington, D.C., to represent us.