Editorial: Sales tax hike to pay off debt makes sense

In the perfect world, the City of Prescott would wait on the Arizona Legislature to fix the state’s massive $7 billion pension problem before taking action.

Editorial: Assets from crimes worth every cent

Earlier this week we brought you a look at the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act, specifically asset forfeiture.

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*Update* - Editorial: Yavapai College should make track decision

David Brinkley is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring motorsports back to the region at Chino Valley’s Old Home Manor.

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Editorial: Trends, with or without pants?

Part of being an editor involves observing trends.

Editorial: Judge President’s broken promises

It happens every four years – we elect someone as President of the United States.

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Column: A liberal’s lament: The Obama years

Eight years ago I was among those freezing on the Mall as Barack Obama took the oath of office.

Editorial: Politics should not be ‘hate crime’

Hate crimes. The two words easily paint a picture – the beating and torture of Matthew Wayne Shepard, who was left to die near Laramie, Wyoming, in 1998.

Editorial: What exactly is CDBG for?

The title is Community Development Block Grants, a federal program through the Department of Housing that President Ford began in 1974.

Editorial: Ethics? What are those in D.C.?

Remember the unethical behavior of those in Congress over, say, the past 10 years?

Editorial: 2016’s disorder will continue into 2017

It encompassed all of 2016, beginning six months prior to that. It was a crucial election for us, with contentious debates, divisive rhetoric, controversy on both sides, many candidates, and results that leave some questioning the system.

Editorial: It’s all in a word, or ‘echo chamber’

Toys are one thing, words are another.

Editorial: Poll says we are optimistic for 2017

The Associated Press-Times Square Alliance poll claims we are mostly optimistic for a better year.

Editorial: A wall won’t help

A story making big news this week is about a Mexican man accused of raping a girl on a Kansas bus.

Editorial: Learn from 2016 to enjoy a better 2017

Wherever you look this week, you’ll most likely see some sort of year-end list: Top Stories of 2016, Top Movies of 2016, Top Things We Hate of 2016.

Point-Counterpoint: Should the county reduce the number of events on the plaza?

Prescott’s vibrant downtown exists because it is a tourist destination.

Editorial: U.S. foreign relations stand in muddy water

As our attention turns toward a new year, hopes for a “fresh start” seem almost elusive.

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*Update* - Editorial: Cheat death, especially now

Since 2005, I have been going for annual checkups with my heart doctor. I had been before, but that year my brother’s death spurred this new commitment.

Editorial: Don’t let returns get you down

’Tis the day after Christmas and all through the house piles of wrappings are strewn all about. Off to the mall goes Mom with receipts in hand, returns galore, and hopes of sales, and short lines in which to stand …

Editorial: Yes, Virginia …

This editorial was first published in The New York Sun in 1897.

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Editorial: True meaning of the season

How about we all stop bickering about politics, stop being selfish, and try something new ... let’s think about someone else for a change.

Point-Counterpoint: Is Biomass a viable industry?

Our Dec. 14 story on biomass started out like this: “Who wants to take on the massive job of disposing of a bunch of dead pinyon and juniper trees?”

Editorial: Football player’s DUI and new job doesn’t send good message

Arizona Cardinal Michael Floyd’s blood-alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit when he was arrested in Scottsdale earlier this month.

Editorial: Teaching cursive writing is not a priority

Arizona schools are now required to teach students cursive handwriting.

Editorial: Taste the holidays; we love our food

I do not know why this one sticks with me: more than 68 million people barbecuing 150 million hot dogs.

Editorial: Minimum wage hike awaits court action

Arizona workers making the minimum wage will be getting a raise next year, or will they?