Editorial: Should people accused of sex with minors get bail?

A matter before the Arizona Supreme Court will weigh the will of the state’s voters against Constitutional protections.

Editorial: America needs to be safe, and welcoming

The U.S. government’s National Counter-Terrorism Center estimated in an in-depth 2011 report that between 82 to 97 percent of the victims of terrorist attacks are Muslims.

Editorial: Lawmakers shouldn’t mess with insurance laws

This will not come as a shock to anyone, but most people don’t read every line of those user agreements when you sign up for Facebook or Twitter.

Editorial: Access to AHCCS comes down to fees and politics

If an attorney for the Goldwater Institute is correct, everything the state does is a tax.

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Editorial: Don’t rob public schools to fund political causes

Arizona is among the worst in the nation in funding public education and teacher pay.

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Editorial: Sell Station 7 if you must

The City of Prescott is poised to clear the decks – examining services, a possible sales tax increase, and the prospect of selling property – to pay down its unfunded liability for public safety pensions.

Editorial: Put an end to Arizona’s ‘patient brokers’

People who are trying to turn their lives around need the support of the community, the encouragement of their neighbors, and a lot of personal dedication.

Editorial: Tax exempt should mean no political involvement

Then Senator Lyndon Johnson proposed an amendment to the U.S. tax code in 1954 that protected educational institutions and churches from having to pay taxes.

Editorial: Bill would criminalize car passengers unjustly

Riding in a car being driven by someone else could result in a criminal violation – for you.

Editorial: Let schools chart their own course

Imagine for a second you are in charge of a school district in the White Mountains of Arizona and you look outside to a dozen inches of fresh snow.

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Editorial: McCain’s Prescott office will be missed

When John McCain was announcing his run for president in 2008 over his six-day “Service to America” tour, he chose Prescott’s courthouse plaza to be the one place in Arizona to announce.

Editorial: Public safety trumps pension problems

Prescott City Council members wrestled with Catch 22 situations this past week, involving the state pension system and costs the city could face if hiring public safety employees before reforms kick in.

Editorial: Time for ban on texting while driving

The Arizona Legislature is considering a ban on texting while driving for teenagers with probationary driver’s licenses, and the story is all too familiar.

Editorial: Toll roads make sense on I-17

Few argue that Interstate 17 needs improvements, especially if you are one of the people caught in a five-hour delay while first responders clear a collision that has closed down part of the highway.

Guest Editorial: Democrats will fight for American values, institutions

In response to the Republican Executive Committee’s Guest Editorial, the Yavapai Democrats are speaking out about the regressive direction President Trump and the Republican Leadership are taking our Nation.

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Editorial: Here's a secret: Sometimes we don't like the cartoon either

An editorial cartoon, sometimes called a political cartoon, is an illustration containing a commentary that usually relates to current events or personalities.

Editorial: Stealing U.S. flag not same as violent crime

Make punishment fit the crime

As the Arizona Legislature plows into its 2017 session, among the bills introduced so far is one that’s leaving us scratching our heads.

Guest Editorial: How long will President Trump’s ‘honeymoon’ last?

On Friday, Jan. 20, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States.

Editorial: It’s time to come together and support our new president

Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office and officially begins serving as President of the United States today.

Editorial: Legislature should not handcuff colleges

Flagstaff Republican Rep. Bob Thorpe has proposed legislation that would bar Arizona’s publicly-funded schools, community colleges and universities from teaching about, or discussing, anything that promotes “social justice toward a race, gender, religion, political affiliation, social class or other class of people.”

Editorial: Helmet law only creates more problems

A state lawmaker wants to once again make it illegal to ride a motorcycle in Arizona without a helmet.

Editorial: Sales tax hike to pay off debt makes sense

In the perfect world, the City of Prescott would wait on the Arizona Legislature to fix the state’s massive $7 billion pension problem before taking action.

Editorial: Assets from crimes worth every cent

Earlier this week we brought you a look at the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act, specifically asset forfeiture.

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Editorial: Yavapai College should make track decision

David Brinkley is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring motorsports back to the region at Chino Valley’s Old Home Manor.

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Editorial: Trends, with or without pants?

Part of being an editor involves observing trends.