Editorial: No checks on private gun sales shifts little

Background checks on private gun sales. They have been an integral part of the national discussion on gun control each time the issue surfaces.

Editorial: Lawmakers need to quit tipping the education playing field

In 1994 Arizona lawmakers decided to make this state the leading laboratory for school choice, giving its citizens options on where to educate their children.

Editorial: Air travel getting dangerous; what would you do?

Just when you thought passenger challenges for United Airlines could not have gotten worse, they did.

Editorial: Forfeiture law long overdue in Arizona

Arizona is one of two states where law enforcement officers are allowed to use seizure income to fund officer salaries (the other is Texas).

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Editorial: It’s time to end home rule voting in Arizona

Every four years Arizona cities and towns must go before voters and ask them permission to do their jobs.

Editorial: Lawmakers, give anti-texting bill a vote

From time to time during the legislative session we wonder what lawmakers are doing. We see proposals that seem self-serving or extreme.

Editorial: Congress should keep funding Essential Air Service program

Government gets a bad name, and for good reason.2

Editorial: Gateway is struggling, but hope still remains

After The Daily Courier reported that Prescott Gateway Mall was up for auction, editors here received a number of emails from readers eager to lay the blame for the indoor mall’s struggles.

Editorial: Battle over Internet providers using personal information

The Federal Communications Commission came up with a rule that consumers must opt-in to having their Internet providers use their personal information, such as browsing history and web searches, in any advertising efforts they might want to engage in.

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Editorial: City effort to pay off debt elusive, ongoing

The City of Prescott is facing its dilemma of conducting business versus a growing, unfunded liability in public safety pension debt.

Editorial: Curb power in APS rate hike

Arizona’s electricity users are facing some challenges that could mean rate increases in the near future.

Editorial: Respect will of voters versus predatory lending

A host of bills made their way through the Legislature this session concerning citizen initiatives.

Editorial: We live in a representative democracy, let’s accept that

There is a reason we elect representatives to our legislature.

Editorial: Is it prolonging life, or prolonging death?

This is not an easy editorial to write, because euthanasia is not an easy topic to discuss.

Editorial: Governor is right on taxes, education

Gov. Doug Ducey has built his political career on being an anti-tax crusader, so when he begins advocating for a tax, there must be a good reason behind it.

Editorial: Journalists sometimes don’t report on everything

The art of journalism, when you get down to it, is knowing what to include, and what to exclude.

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Editorial: Protect businesses that protect our gun rights

Each year we see a variety of bills involving guns move through the Legislature, and 2017 is no different; in fact, one this year (SB 1159) shoots at the heart of liability.

Editorial: Penalize the crime, not the thoughts, or legal status

On Thursday, three Republican state senators broke party lines to kill SB1279, which would have meant longer minimum prison sentences for people who commit crimes while in the country illegally.

Editorial: Combating homelessness can be simple

The homeless need help, and the greater Prescott area is not turning its back on them.

Editorial: State should stop bullying cities

We have always believed decisions, such as those at the school board level, should be made on the local level. Who better to know what is needed here than the locals?

Editorial: Should people accused of sex with minors get bail?

A matter before the Arizona Supreme Court will weigh the will of the state’s voters against Constitutional protections.

Editorial: America needs to be safe, and welcoming

The U.S. government’s National Counter-Terrorism Center estimated in an in-depth 2011 report that between 82 to 97 percent of the victims of terrorist attacks are Muslims.

Editorial: Lawmakers shouldn’t mess with insurance laws

This will not come as a shock to anyone, but most people don’t read every line of those user agreements when you sign up for Facebook or Twitter.

Editorial: Access to AHCCS comes down to fees and politics

If an attorney for the Goldwater Institute is correct, everything the state does is a tax.

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Editorial: Don’t rob public schools to fund political causes

Arizona is among the worst in the nation in funding public education and teacher pay.