Column: Only collaboration will keep the Verde River flowing

The Verde River is one of the last remaining healthy, perennially flowing rivers left in the arid state of Arizona.

Column: Whatever happened to military justice?

As a Vietnam veteran, I followed the news reports about Bowe Bergdahl with great interest.

Column: Another mass shooting, more ‘thoughts and prayers’

“Reports out of Texas are devastating. The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now,”

Talk of the Town: The voodoo they do so well

It's staggering, isn’t it? More than 10,000 new homes proposed at Deep Well Ranch and thousands more cumulatively at other new developments such as AZ Eco and Walden Ranch.

Column: Lots to consider on issue of Kirkland Mine

Now, about the brouhaha that’s been brewing.

Column: Citizen Sain: Just doing my civic duty

I’ve had three previous summons for jury duty, but never sat on an actual jury.

Column: Cut taxes, Reagan-style

What hasn’t happened this week?

Column: 8 reasons to ‘keep calm and carry on’

It’s really nothing new, some people idolize the guy in the Oval Office while others demonize him.

Column: Communism turns 100

This year marks the hundredth anniversary of one of the worst mistakes ever made: the Communist revolution in Russia.

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Friday Catchall: Burglary trend spurs in-action?

The Friday Catchall: • BURGLARIES — When you know vehicle burglaries are happening in your area, why would you leave your car unlocked?

Column: GOP needs to remember why they were elected

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it,” said a political-insider friend of mine as we sipped coffee.

Talk of the Town: Addressing concerns over Deep Well Ranch

As I finish my tenure as mayor of the City of Prescott, I am encouraged by the projects and programs underway that will move our great city forward.

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Column: Uh-oh, the 5-year old learned how to work the remote

'Raising Prescott'

Watching our kids learn something new every day while growing up is an exhilarating experience to say the least, but what if discovering those new skills begins to interrupt mom and dad’s sleep patterns?

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Column: Pictures and poison

Lots to cover, short space: A photo of football players dancing was modified to look like a flag burning, then distributed widely.

Talk of the Town: An inconvenient ecological truth

Arizona’s population is mushrooming and the damage it inflicts on natural resources such as freshwater, open space, wildlife and spectacular views must be reversed if we are to avert an environmental catastrophe.

Column: Senator vs. Demagogue, and history’s verdict

Bravo to the Republican senator who stood tall in the chamber and assailed a Republican demagogue for his disgraceful reliance on “the Four Horsemen of Calumny — Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry and Smear.”

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Column: The consequences of doing something stupid

I like to tell myself that most people do something incredibly stupid when they’re young, but perhaps that’s just to excuse my own idiocy.

Column: This week’s profiles in political courage

Arizona Republican Jeff Flake proudly stood before America this week and crowed, “Mr. President, I rise today to address a matter that has been much on my mind, at a moment when it seems that our democracy is more defined by our discord and our dysfunction than it is by our values and our principles.”

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Column: Tales of lost souls, shadows and specters

Ghosts, spooks and specters haunt my thoughts at this time of year: is it magic or a trick — or are they real, like stories with concrete evidence not fully materializing.

Column: Platitudes and banalities

“He is, you know, amazing!” In one short sentence I have included the three most frequently used words in most everyone’s vocabulary.

Column: Benefits to a private military

We’ve fought in Afghanistan for 16 years now. Are we making progress? After 9/11, we invaded, overthrew the Taliban, killed Osama Bin Laden and — stayed.

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Friday Catchall: The lost art of counting back change

Back in the day, cashiers had to know the prices of all their store’s products.

Column: Will your job be extinct by 2030?

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a single day. TEACH a man to fish and eventually someone will invent a fishing ROBOT and put your student’s butt on the unemployment line.

Column: Kindness, a lost art

The past few weeks have been rough physically and emotionally, not only for me, but for everyone who cares about our country and the world…anyone who cares for anything or anyone other than themselves, that is.

Column: Inappropriate Halloween costumes

“Now that everything has become politicized, it only makes sense that Halloween costumes should be politicized, too.”