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We moved to the Quad Cities four years ago, we’re newbies. We decided to retire in Dewey to enjoy its rural effect and natural beauty.

By J.J. VOLPE, Special to the Courier February 1, 2019
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That 900-pound elephant on the road certainly comes with a price: everyone has an opinion about it.

By Tim Wiederaenders January 31, 2019
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Sunday is the Super Bowl. In a three-hour-plus NFL game there are just 11 minutes of actual football action...

By John Stossel January 31, 2019
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A traveler came upon an old farmer working in his field beside the road. Eager to rest his feet, the wanderer hailed the countryman.

By Richard Haddad, WNI January 30, 2019

Please be advised that this column is gluten free and that no animals were harmed in its development.

By Wil Williams January 30, 2019
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I spent last week in Oklahoma, visiting family and friends in my adopted hometown of Tulsa.

By Doug Graham January 29, 2019
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Owners of the Giants baseball team have never struck me as stupid — greedy, perhaps, since they shamelessly sell a bottle of Bud for eight times what it’s worth, but not stupid.

By Peter Funt January 29, 2019

During the years I’ve been writing this column, I’ve suggested several ways in which we could make Chino Valley the mega-metropolitan center of the Great Southwest.

By Wil Williams January 29, 2019
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My Uncle Jimmy would’ve hated the late-model SUV I rented for a recent trip to New Jersey. I sure did.

By Tom Purcell January 28, 2019
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New York Yankees’ great Joe DiMaggio is widely considered one of the top 10 players in Major League Baseball history.

January 28, 2019
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The news last week that President Donald Trump’s handlers may have digitally altered his photographs to make him appear not only slimmer and younger, but with ... wait for it ... longer fingers, is the perfect metaphor for a White House that repeatedly bends the truth to suit its own ends.

By John L. Micek January 27, 2019
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“We don’t report rumors.” That seemed obvious when a newsroom colleague said it to me some 20 years ago.

By Rich Manieri, Syndicated Columnist January 27, 2019

“When I shake somebody’s hand, I’m building a bridge … In my view, that is the most human bridge, the universal bridge: shaking hands … of the five senses, touch is the most important.”

By Alexandra Piacenza, Courier Columnist January 26, 2019
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I assume every American no matter their religious or political beliefs, is interested in having secure borders.

By J.J. Volpe, Special to the Courier January 25, 2019
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Here’s a scary political thought for all Americans.

By Michael Reagan January 25, 2019
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The Friday Catchall: OK, so how about some 900-pound elephants, err, trucks in the room?

By Tim Wiederaenders January 24, 2019

School choice is a noble cause.

By John Stossel January 24, 2019
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February the 14th this year is on a Thursday.

By Wil Williams January 23, 2019

Although my family recently watched the 1943 “Lassie, Come Home” on TV, we haven’t seen the “in theaters now!” movie “A Dog’s Way Home” yet.

By Danny Tyree January 23, 2019
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A couple of my co-workers have a little routine they go through when one of them goes on his evening break.

By Doug Graham January 22, 2019

My apologies for repeating the same subject but there’s some info worth sharing.

By Tom Cantlon January 22, 2019
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Just as my annual diet has begun showing promise, my greatest obstacle to success is upon me: Girl Scout Cookie season has begun.

By Tom Purcell, Syndicated Columnist January 21, 2019
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Nearly three years ago, back when President Trump was a candidate, voters were clear on his illegal immigration stance.

January 21, 2019
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If you passed Max Acuna on the street or on your way to work, or any one of those hundreds of places where people cross paths every day, you wouldn’t give the smartly dressed 30-year-old a second look.

By John L. Micek January 20, 2019
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Are we capable of connecting two dots? The fake border crisis distracts us from the true national emergency: A suspected Russian asset sits in the White House.

By Dick Polman January 20, 2019