Williams: Who is Steve Waller?

This is the second in a series of columns highlighting the historic icons to be found at the Palace Saloon on Whiskey Row.

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Washington: Beware of deregulating the financial industry

You may have noticed how the governor, the Arizona attorney general, and Arizona’s lawmakers keep pushing for exemptions for the financial industry from a range of regulations, both state and federal, while, at the same time, imposing needless restrictions on local governments throughout Arizona.

Stossel: Hating DeVos

People hate Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

Polk: Vote “Yes” to extend existing Yavapai County jail district sales tax

As I write, voters have already received in the mail your ballots to vote on whether to extend the existing Yavapai County jail district sales tax of one-quarter of one cent per dollar.

Tyree: Is your town bribing new residents?

The fact that the U.S. unemployment rate is at a 17-year low does have a downside.

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Bergner: Unplugging for a week isn’t as easy as it looks

Column: Raising Prescott

In my line of work, it’s hard to get away from everything for a few days, much less a week.

Reagan: Who to crucify? Trump or Barabbas?

The Trump Haters hate on and on and on.

Funt: Plenty to clean up after dinner

What a shame that the people who will profit most from the tempest that was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner are the two who deserve it least: Michelle Wolf and Donald Trump.

Talk of the Town: Will your electric bill increase this summer?

The heat has hit.

Piacenza: Grateful to have and be a mom

The annual celebration of mother-love is just a week away.

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Wolfe: Big Chino groundwater essential to upper Verde River streamflow

Groundwater pumping, both past and future, in Big Chino Valley threatens one of the most beautiful sections of the Verde River, from its headwaters springs east of Paulden through Perkinsville, about 24 river miles downstream.

Yanof and Wills: Not completing high school affects workforce

By the time today’s preschoolers complete high school, seven of every 10 jobs will require some type of post high school education.

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Friday Catchall: State budget is first step for education

We all learned Thursday morning lawmakers in the Arizona Legislature approved the state budget including a lot of education funding.

Stossel: Propaganda Networks

Why does American journalist Abby Martin do propaganda for socialist murderers?

Tyree: The Royal Wedding - something for everyone

I’m an early riser, so I may very well watch the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19, just as I watched the wedding of Harry’s parents in July of 1981.

Cantlon: Teachers, don’t be nice

Striking teachers need to not worry about being nice.

Purcell: The growing art of American cursing

Get this: the average American can’t get through the day without cursing.

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Talk of the Town: The great Prescott outdoors

Spring has arrived, and many of us have turned our attention to the vast array of outdoor activities available in our community.

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Talk of the Town: ‘Change’ homeless proposal serves only downtown

Why doesn’t the City of Prescott use all the money they are proposing to spend on stopping panhandling for housing for those who are homeless?

Durst: Trump followers loyal regardless of circumstances

The followers of Donald Trump are many things.

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Haddad: What ever happened to May Day?

How many of you remember the excitement of preparing a May Day basket for a friend or neighbor?

Barnes: Our country, right or wrong

I am increasingly concerned about what this nation has become — and is becoming.

Shoemaker: Second Amendment has been upheld

The debate over gun control versus gun rights has been perverted beyond belief.

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Friday Catchall: ‘Better’ for panhandling’s silent victims

The Friday Catchall: • HOMELESS 2 – I caught up with Mayor Greg Mengarelli this week to talk about “Change for the Better” and how it works with the city’s 2013 ordinance that restricts panhandling.