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Column: From turkey to toys, it is great to give

The holidays are my favorite time of year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve exude family, food and fun.

Column: Do we really want to make city offices partisan?

Not all the candidates I supported in the recent Prescott elections made it into office, but I was lucky enough to attend the watch party of one who did.

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Column: Legalize sex work

Who owns our bodies? I think, we do.

Column: Shootings can happen here; we can prepare, be aware

As our country collectively grieves and struggles to comprehend a number of mass casualty shootings, we as law enforcement leaders are asked two questions: can it happen here, and are there things individuals can do to survive should an attack occur?

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Friday Catchall: Break from nonpartisan blackout

A dull roar has gone up since the City of Prescott elections, with some Courier readers stating it is not fair that a candidate pushed their party affiliation in a nonpartisan race.

Column: Some of the Devil’s best work

The devil sat drunk and giddy in a bar, boasting about his recent “accomplishments.”

Column: Construction industry integral to local economy

We live and work in the silhouettes and outlines of Yavapai County-sized skyscrapers known as multi-story buildings; we travel through streets lined with homes and local businesses and buildings under construction.

Column: Two smart changes have made the GOP tax bill passable

Last week, Texas Republican Kevin Brady, using the power available to him as chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, introduced another of what’s known as a “manager’s amendment” to the tax reform bill.

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Column: Using sports to teach the life skill of ‘showing up’

'Raising Prescott'

After watching and helping guide my son through his first full season of soccer with Prescott’s AYSO 6U club this fall, it’s safe to say our family learned just as much about commitment, respect and accountability as A.J. did about kicking a ball into a net.

Column: Preferring Putin over U.S. interests

Trump has taken a step that, in any other time, for any other high office holder, or by any other president, would be the end of the line.

Talk of the Town: Voted for Trump, having second thoughts

I begin by confessing that I voted for Donald Trump last year.

Column: Trump goes belly up in China

Donald Trump has dumped all his macho stump rhetoric about China and morphed into a wimp.

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Column: Station 7 finds new life after tragedy

Kim Gagnon and her husband Bill are the new owners of Station 7, the base for the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Column: Congress looks at Russian meddling

Those who claim to have been shocked the Russians might have meddled in the 2016 election are either playing for the cameras or not paying attention.

Column: Understanding why they do it

When confronted with questions and uncertainty about the human condition, and specifically, why an individual would commit such a heinous act against innocent people

Column: Simpler tax simplification

As you read this, President Trump’s tax plan is being debated.

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Friday Catchall: Fly our flags, honor veterans

The Friday Catchall: • FLAGS — Our Grand Old Flag, the Stars and Stripes of the USA, has not generated more controversy than whether to kneel or not, except when it was all the rage to burn it or wear it.

Column: Only collaboration will keep the Verde River flowing

The Verde River is one of the last remaining healthy, perennially flowing rivers left in the arid state of Arizona.

Column: Whatever happened to military justice?

As a Vietnam veteran, I followed the news reports about Bowe Bergdahl with great interest.

Column: Another mass shooting, more ‘thoughts and prayers’

“Reports out of Texas are devastating. The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now,”

Talk of the Town: The voodoo they do so well

It's staggering, isn’t it? More than 10,000 new homes proposed at Deep Well Ranch and thousands more cumulatively at other new developments such as AZ Eco and Walden Ranch.

Column: Lots to consider on issue of Kirkland Mine

Now, about the brouhaha that’s been brewing.

Column: Citizen Sain: Just doing my civic duty

I’ve had three previous summons for jury duty, but never sat on an actual jury.

Column: Cut taxes, Reagan-style

What hasn’t happened this week?

Column: 8 reasons to ‘keep calm and carry on’

It’s really nothing new, some people idolize the guy in the Oval Office while others demonize him.