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Talk of the Town: Great event may not be able to afford to stay

I am writing regarding the article in the Aug. 10 Daily Courier about reduction of Bed Tax funding for established local events.

Column: CEOs to Trump: You’re bad for business

It’s not often — actually, it’s never happened before — that a Republican president gets dissed and dumped by corporate titans such as Dow, Merck, Campbell Soup, the Blackstone Group, 3M, Intel, Ernst & Young, JP Morgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, PepsiCo, and IBM.

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Column: Confederate monuments, not an easy decision

It’s difficult for me to understand my position on removing Confederate monuments because two core parts of who I am are in conflict.

Column: Don’t forget about liberal fascists

To be clear, this column is about influential media pundits and reporters choosing which violent groups they report... and which they ignore.

Column: Hungry kids

To all of you who have written checks and raised money to feed our hungry kids in the four adjoining public school districts, THANK YOU!

Column: Hate destructive in all its guises, even in our vocabulary

When I was young I met a girl who told me I used the word “hate” far too often in my everyday conversations.

Column: Let’s remember the good news

Prescott hasn’t always been known as an ideal place to live, but in the decades that I’ve lived here I’ve seen the city grow by tens of thousands.

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Friday Catchall: Be prepared for traffic; pack patience

The Friday Catchall: • INTERSTATE – While southbound Interstate 17 was closed again Tuesday for a time – because of a crash near Black Canyon City – several readers chimed in on the monumental shutdown that was Aug. 8.

Column: A look at both sides

As the impeach Trump craze sweeps across the nation, the chasm between our two political parties has widened to the point where reconciliation is no longer possible.

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Column: Take privilege of voting seriously

I have always looked upon voting as a privilege. I feel connected to the process — good or bad — after I give my choices.

Column: Google Women

Why aren’t there more women criminals?! Men in jail outnumber women by a ratio of 14-to-1.

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Column: When it comes to bullying, parents and teachers join the fight

'Raising Prescott'

The tragic suicide of an 8-year-old boy in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the wrongful death lawsuit blaming a “treacherous school environment” is another dreadful tale encompassing the devastating effects of bullying.

Column: Thermonuclear Chicken

Time to dig a bomb shelter. Stockpile some Kool- Aid. Nibble some Tootsie Rolls while catching a double feature at the drive-in.

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Column: To get rid of hate, get rid of labels

It’s rare when I have trouble writing a column, but this one has not been easy.

Talk of the Town: Health care should be public utility

Ever wonder how much electricity would cost if Arizona Public Service (APS) could choose the price? What if the water systems of the tri-city area were privately owned?

Talk of the Town: APS rate case: Not over until ACC votes

The Arizona Public Service (APS) rate case is not over.

Column: Regulating guns can be downright silly

Have a gun license? Plan to bring your gun to my hometown? Don’t.

Column: Ideals and deals

Are they mutually exclusive? When our president touts his skill as a deal-maker can we expect him to also prioritize ideals? Is the nurturing of ideals by our leaders in Washington important to us?

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Column: When should you call 911?

When it comes to services within a municipality, health and welfare are tops — or should be.

Column: In defense of ‘leakers’

For months, the White House has been alternately exposed and outraged by stories about its inner workings fed to the press by unnamed sources.

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Friday Catchall: Trapped on I-17; what would you do?

The Friday Catchall: • TRAPPED – What would you do — what can you do — if stuck on Interstate 17 behind a crash or disaster? Just sit and wait.

Column: Car provides reason to be thankful

I love those weeks when almost everything goes wrong.

Column: It’s not race, it’s about good parenting

In July we traveled up to Montana. It was the 50th wedding anniversary for some friends of ours that we’ve known more than 30 years.

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Column: CTE research forces parents to think twice about football

'Raising Prescott'

Humanity evolves every second of every day of every year we’re on this planet, constantly breaking barriers of old truths and advancing toward newly discovered paths using the knowledge gained by those who came before.

Column: Prescott, the entrepreneur magnet

Regardless who wins the city elections, here is a different idea for an economic development program.