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Editorial Cartoon Feb. 21, 2017

Editorial cartoon published in The Daily Courier Tuesday, Feb. 21.

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Editorial Cartoon 2 Feb. 21, 2017

Editorial cartoon published in The Daily Courier Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Column: Behind legislation is passion

Lawmakers. Why do they do what they do?

Column: Republicans lost their appetite to investigate

To best understand the Republican mentality on Capitol Hill — specifically, their disgraceful refusal to probe the Trump-Russia national security scandal with even a scintilla of the energy they devoted to Benghazi — you need only read what Senator Rand Paul said Tuesday on Fox News Radio.

Letter: Evolution facts

It is unfortunate that some uneducated and gullible people are willing to believe that there’s some vast conspiracy by most scientists to suppress any evidence that contradicts those scientist’s collective “pet theory” of evolution, as if thousands of scientists were that petty and insincere.

Letter: New wise words

Words of wisdom like, “to be seen and not heard” and “if you cannot say something nice, don’t say anything at all” that have been engrained in us by our “greatest generation” post-World War II parents, are not the phrases of this world any longer.

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Editorial Cartoon Feb. 20, 2017

Editorial cartoon published in The Daily Courier Monday, Feb. 20.

Column: Knock, knock: Please save me Mr. Ken

The 15-year-old neighbor boy knocked on my door one day.

Column: Editorial cartoons on endangered list

Newspaper editorial cartoons are disappearing when they are most needed.

Letter: Big party, small tent

The guest editorial by the Yavapai County Republican Party demonstrates why Republicans have lost yet another presidential election by the popular vote.

Letter: Self-delegitimization

Many in the Trump administration are accusing the press of delegitimizing the current administration.

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Editorial cartoon: Feb. 19, 2017

Editorial cartoon: Feb. 19, 2017

Column: Rough roads ahead, everyone

Retirement or potholes, we’ll all eventually pay in the end.

Column: Different languages in America

During the past several years I have spent considerable time thinking about immigrants.

Rants & Raves for Feb. 19, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less.

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Editorial cartoon: Feb. 18, 2017

Editorial cartoon: Feb. 18, 2017

Editorial: Access to AHCCS comes down to fees and politics

If an attorney for the Goldwater Institute is correct, everything the state does is a tax.

Letter: Drones

RE: Obama’s Drones (News Editor Ken Sain’s column, Jan. 7, 2017)

Column: Whose day is it anyway?

“I thought the purpose of Presidents Day was getting steep discounts on mattresses and furniture.”

Letter: Block grants

My two cents’ worth. Community Development Block Grants are a valid source of federal funding to assist low- to moderate-income people in a community.

Letter: GOP shill

Seriously? Your editorial of Jan. 20 and guest editorial of Jan. 21 are the most hypocritical things I’ve seen in print in about ... well ... ever.

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Editorial cartoon: Feb. 17, 2017

Editorial cartoon: Feb. 17, 2017

Column: Love flag and country by choice, not by law

Like most veterans, I have vivid memories of my years in military service.

Friday Catchall: Balancing opinions and discovery

The Friday Catchall: • OPINIONS — I received a call Thursday, on top of five others earlier in the week, calling for the Courier to have a more balanced opinions page.

Column: Buying in bulk: Big savings do come in small packages

My latest kick, since I find myself having to make room in our teeny, tiny kitchen for everything, is buying in bulk.