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Editorial cartoon: Sept. 30, 2016

Editorial cartoon: Sept. 30, 2016

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Editorial: Got a new car? Big Brother just called ‘shotgun!’

Most of us know to keep computer log-in passwords secret and complicated.

Letter: Trump

Someone I once knew wrote a piece for a newspaper about a dog chasing an automobile.

Letter: Presidential Debate

There seems to be a lot of nothing being analyzed after the debates with each side claiming victory.

Column: Dispelling Clinton rumors

I find it incredible the amount of misinformation ordinary people are willing to swallow.

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Editorial cartoon: Sept. 29, 2016

Editorial cartoon: Sept. 29, 2016

Editorial: Honor family wishes in how you speak

How our city’s name is pronounced is a lightning rod for comments and controversy.

Column: The water game

Over the next few years, our elected officials will be discussing and voting on some very significant water issues that will affect every Prescott citizen, as well as everyone living in the Quad-Cities.

Letter: Civilians protect military?

No war. The civilians say so to keep military casualties from once again being a fact.

Letter: Walls of disaster

Human history abounds with all kinds of walls built for all sorts of reasons, which is the essence of this letter.

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Editorial Cartoon Sept. 28, 2016

Editorial cartoon published in The Daily Courier Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Editorial: Seriously, how do you say ‘Pres-kit’?

I had to laugh. On Tuesday in this space I offered something a bit different, something light, a look at what I call the “Prescott Wave,” with variations of “Super Waves” and “Half Waves.”

Column: Dick Cooper was leader, ‘great warrior’

I met Dick Cooper in the twilight of his life, after he had been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder.

Talk of the Town: 'Regional Economic Partnership'

“Regional Economic Partnership” is a term that Central Arizona Partnership (CAP) has been promoting widely for the last five years and is a function imperative to the success of our region.

Letter: The best Realtor ever ...

I would like to share with all of you Prescottonians, about the most unusual and fantabulous Realtor in all of the Prescott area.

Letter: Other voting choices

Thank you for printing the article by Ron Paul.

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Editorial cartoon: Sept. 27, 2016

The Daily Courier's editorial cartoon for Sept. 27, 2016.

Editorial: Don’t be so serious, catch ‘wave,’ Prescott

While you’re debating who won Monday night’s Presidential Debate, it is time for a bit of the lighter fare.

Column: Marijuana industry wants profits, not public good

“The industry is taking over the legalization movement…” That was Dan Riffle, who resigned as federal policy director for the Marijuana Policy Project the day MPP announced a deal with marijuana businesses.

Letter to the editor: Is there life before death?

It seems like there is always some special observance around the corner.

Letter to the editor: RINO, Flake

Apparently Sen. Jeff Flake forgot, or has never known that his role is to execute and vote the will of his Republican constituents, not his own.

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Editorial cartoon: Sept. 26, 2016

The Daily Courier's editorial cartoon for Monday, Sept. 26, 2016.

Editorial: Third party choices fall by wayside for multiple reasons

The fate of the free world will be decided in 43 days. Voters will go to voting centers Nov. 8, or will have already turned in early ballots, across the country to give their choice for President of the United States.

Column: October Surprises

Something craven infects political candidates as the days dwindle down to a precious few, especially when prospects for victory appear slimmer than an emaciated giraffe in a fun house mirror.

Letter to the editor: Uninformed, not nuts

Most people are not “nuts,” as claimed by Courier columnist Tom Cantlon, but all of us are certainly not informed about everything.