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Editorial: The (weak) legacy of Freddie Gray

Do you remember the young Baltimore man who died after suffering a broken neck in the back of a police van?

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Editorial cartoon: July 28, 2016

Editorial cartoon: July 28, 2016

Letter: Without God

An article in the Lourdes Echoes seemed right to the point for me.

Letter: Left or right?

In her Wednesday, July 20, column, Ms. Toni Denis said, among other things, that the New York Times and the Washington Post were both fair, accurate and unbiased.

Letter: Painful VA story

The July 3 story concerning Richard Fournier’s unfortunate incident at the VA gave me an eerie feeling of déjà vu.

Column: Yes, the State’s PSPRS debt can be solved

It is no secret. The Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) is in desperate circumstances, just as are so many pension systems across the nation.

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Editorial cartoon: July 27, 2016

Editorial cartoon: July 27, 2016

Editorial: Go local when it comes to elections

When most of what we hear surrounding the word “election” is negativity and the lesser of two evils, it is important to remember that you count.

Column: R.I.P. GOP

An old friend departed last week. The GOP. The credibility they could have created by rejecting Donald Trump is hard to describe, but I’ll come to that.

Letter: Good & bad

Tom H. Hastings’ July 25 article “Ready for this election season?”

Letter: Helping jazz

In these times of so many negative letters to the editor – mainly about politics, I thought it would be nice to send a letter of thanks to everyone at the Courier.

Letter: Who’s fooling who?

I heard the last part of Donald Trump’s (too long!) 73-minute acceptance speech on Thursday night and was amused at all he said he was going to do when he becomes President of the United States.

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Editorial Cartoon July 26, 2016

Editorial cartoon published in The Daily Courier Tuesday, July 26.

Editorial: Hold first responders in high regard, always

Casting Crowns released a studio album in 2007 titled, “The Altar and the Door.”

Talk of the Town: Groundwater regulation: The next big thing

There is a clear and urgent need for new groundwater regulations in rural Arizona.

Letter: Political commentary

Against the background of the political shouting match to which we are painfully and continuously being subjected, I am confronted once again with the challenge of trying to explain, to some potential next-generation voters: What’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats?

Letter: Bipartisan cooperation

We have an ex-military man, an ex-policeman and a self-promoting congressman providing their opinions.

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Editorial cartoon: July 25, 2016

The editorial cartoon published in the Courier on July 25, 2016.

Editorial: Political problems closer than they appear

With the Republican convention in the rear view mirror, Democrats appeared poised to pounce this week.

Column: Ready for this election season?

So, let’s channel the cranky ghost of George Wallace as he justified his 1968 run for the presidency when he noted, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.”

Letter: Challenges for police

If someone says statistics prove law enforcement is systemically biased against African-Americans one of three things is in play – stupidity, ignorance of the actual facts or an agenda.

Letter: Climate clues

Thank you so much for publishing the discussion about climate change. I truly find the whole subject interesting but idiotic and without common sense.

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Editorial cartoon: July 24, 2016

Editorial cartoon: July 24, 2016

Editorial: Signs of times (mostly) for private property only

Signs, elections, signage, campaign signs.

Column: Prescott College

Travel back with me to 1968. That was the year – summer really – when our family first arrived in Prescott.