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Couple get up-close view of moose that stares through window

A New Hampshire couple have gotten an up-close view of a moose that wandered into their yard, right up to their window.

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Watch: Big Bust! Coast Guard Catches 6 Tons Of Cocaine

Combined with forces from Colombia and Mexico, the United States Coast Guard reeled in a cool $179 million worth of white powder. (May 10)

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State trooper uses jerky to rescue pup from highway

A Massachusetts state trooper has rescued a dog running loose in the middle of an interstate with the bribe of a homemade snack.

Police: Masked robber identified by mom, turns himself in

Police in Long Island say a man who held up a string of businesses while hiding behind a surgical mask has been identified by his mother.

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Woman stuck in car after trying to help owl near Tucson

Arizona wildlife officials say a woman narrowly avoided injury after trying to rescue a hurt owl.

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Rescuers bitten after mistaking bobcats for domestic kittens

Three well-meaning people suffered bites when the kittens they rescued after hearing them mewling in a San Antonio alley turned out to be ravenous bobcat cubs.

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Dog rescued from Colorado wastewater treatment plant

A 2-year-old English mastiff led astray by an escape-prone hound dog is happy to be home, but still stinks after being found stranded in muck at a wastewater treatment plant in Colorado.

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Walrus surprise residents in remote Alaska village

Residents of a village of 110 on the Alaska Peninsula see the occasional walrus in Bering Sea waters, but when 200 packed a beach just outside the community, it took them by surprise.

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Video shows 11-year-old escaping Chicago-area carjacking

Surveillance video shows an 11-year-old girl jumping out of a carjacked SUV in suburban Chicago as her father tries to stop a car driven by the carjacker’s accomplice.

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A sticky mess: liquid chocolate spills onto Polish highway

A tractor-trailer has overturned on a Polish highway, spilling tons of liquid chocolate that are solidifying into a huge sticky mess.

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First night of Rockefeller art auction fetches $646M

A collection of artwork put together by billionaire David Rockefeller that includes pieces from Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and Georgia O'Keeffe brought in more than $646 million on the first night of an auction.

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Age-old hobby gives new generation of fans a lift

When Kay and Larry Day came across a kite shop while vacationing in Wisconsin nearly two decades ago, they decided to buy kites for their grandchildren. On a whim, Larry bought one for himself.

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Watch: Tex. Police Free Woman From Gator Infested Lake

Police body cam video shows officers saving a driver from a car sinking in a Texas lake. The woman told police she fell asleep at the wheel before the car plunged into the water. An officer broke out a rear window to help the woman escape. (May 8)

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Watch: Texas Officers Help Save Deer Struggling in Lake

Officers from the Montgomery County precinct in Texas posted a video on its Facebook page showing a deer being rescued from a lake. (May 7)

Brinks truck drops thousands of dollars on Indiana highway

State police say drivers clamored to pick up cash on an interstate in Indianapolis after the back doors of a Brinks armored truck swung open and hundreds of thousands of dollars flew out.

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Raccoon family drops through ceiling of Michigan home

A family of raccoons created a chaotic scene when they fell through a ceiling and into the living room of a Michigan home.

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Watch: Wisconsin Man Eats 30,000th Big Mac

A retired Wisconsin prison guard ate his 30,000th Big Mac. 64-year-old Don Gorske of Fond du Lac recorded the milestone at a local McDonald's on Friday. Gorske says he's eaten at least one Big Mac almost every day since May 17, 1972. (May 7)

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Hungry bear breaks into California home, snacks on fruit

A hungry bear broke into a California home and snacked on bread and fruit before sheriff’s deputies were able to chase it away.

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Drunken man’s choice of bed causes Munich commuter chaos

An intoxicated man’s ill-advised decision to spend the night on a freight train caused commuter chaos in Munich as police had to shut down all traffic at a busy station to look for him.

Ohio couple awakens to find stranger asleep on couch

Authorities say a couple in Ohio was startled to find a stranger who had helped himself to leftover Easter candy and then fell asleep on the couch of their apartment.

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New way to see art? Paris museum welcomes naked visitors

Visitors at a leading contemporary art museum in Paris didn’t leave only their coats in the cloakroom — they left all their clothes.

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Springsteen escorts Van Zandt in to New Jersey Hall of Fame

Oh what a night: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons were inducted Sunday into the New Jersey Hall of Fame, but it was Bruce Springsteen who stole what could have been Meryl Streep’s show.

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Colorado woman cited after microwave blows up urine sample

A Colorado woman has been cited by police after a container of what appeared to be urine blew up as she was heating it up in a microwave at a 7-Eleven.

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Watch: Actress treks to Thailand to free an Asian elephant in new doc

Actress Ashley Bell's documentary, 'Love and Bananas: An Elephant Story,' follows her mission across Thailand to free an Asian elephant. It's now playing in limited release. (May 3)

Girl survives 5-story fall after landing in fresh mulch

Police say a 3-year-old girl survived with just minor injuries after falling as far as five stories from a window and landing in freshly spread mulch.

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