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Trend? College football players pop the question on-field

Carlos Correa seems to have started something. The Houston shortstop melted hearts when he proposed to girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez on the field after the Astros won the World Series.

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Police: Dine-and-dash ‘sushi bandit’ cited in eastern Idaho

A man authorities say is the dine-and-dash “sushi bandit” has been cited in eastern Idaho for suspicion of petit theft.

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Police search for woman seen mailing stolen art to museum

The New York Police Department says it wants to question a woman caught on video mailing stolen art back to the Museum of Modern Art.

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Germany: police detain man hiding python in his pants

A young man detained by police during a drunken argument in Germany was found to be carrying a baby python in his pants, and may be in trouble under animal welfare laws.

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Police search for wedding ring lost in Halloween candy bag

A Vermont trick-or-treater may have picked up more than candy on Halloween this year.

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Big cheetah-like feline captured in Pennsylvania

Police captured a big African cat, resembling a cheetah, running loose through the streets of a Pennsylvania city.

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Man drops cocaine from his hat while in court on a drug charge

Authorities say a man who was in a Colorado court for violating his bond on a drug charge is in even more trouble after a wad of cocaine fell from his hat while he was in front of the judge.

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Police say Long Island teen robs bank twice in 2 days

Police say a Long Island teenager was arrested for robbing the same bank twice in two days.

SEAL candidate injured in study-session slapping incident

The Navy is investigating a slapping incident near San Diego that left a SEAL candidate in a coma.

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Police: Suspect’s overwhelming gas shuts down interrogation

A police interrogation of a Kansas City man charged with drug and gun offenses ended prematurely when an investigator was driven from the room by the suspect’s excessive flatulence.

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Property manager tackles alleged package thief, holds him for police

A Pittsburgh property manager who’s also a part-time boxing coach recognized and tackled a man suspected of repeatedly stealing packages from apartment buildings and held him until police arrived.

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‘Real-life Iron Man’ and Harlem Globetrotter set Guinness world records

A British inventor billed as a real-life version of the superhero Iron Man has hit the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine power suit at 32 mph (51 kph), a Guinness world record.

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City clerk searching for owner of dentures left at polls

A city clerk in Maine is looking for the owner of a set of dentures left behind in a polling booth.

Police: Man arrested after threatening to blow up bank

Police say a man threatened to blow up a bank in South Carolina when he wasn’t able to open an account with a declined check.

Police say students found substitute teacher drunk at desk

A substitute teacher at a northern Virginia school has been charged with being drunk in public after police say students found him passed out at a desk.

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Police: $1,000s of jewelry stolen from Bullhead Kohl’s

The Bullhead City Police Department is investigating a burglary at Kohl’s, 3600 block of Highway 95, where $1,000s worth of jewelry was stolen.

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Woman switches tags to get $1,800 in electronics for $3.70

Authorities say a woman tried to sneak more than $1,800 worth of electronics through a Florida Walmart’s self-checkout by switching the items’ price tags with those from clearance items.

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Surveillance Video: Suspect hands out doughnuts during robbery

A suspect robbing a Houston doughnut shop handed out doughnuts to customers whose cellphones he stole.

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Polish government asks citizens to multiply like rabbits

The health ministry of Poland, which has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe, has put out a short video praising rabbits for producing many offspring.

Police: Thief didn’t get far in motorized grocery store cart

A man accused of stealing a motorized shopping cart from an Alaska grocery store didn’t get very far or go very fast before his low-speed getaway attempt was foiled by police.

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Lawmakers unveil chair to honor POW/MIAs

A bipartisan group of House and Senate lawmakers unveiled a commemorative chair at the U.S. Capitol to honor U.S. prisoners of war and the tens of thousands of service members missing in action Wednesday.

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Uber unveils plans for flying taxi

Ride-hailing service Uber announced plans for a flying taxi on Wednesday that could provide relief from road congestion for the commuters of the future.

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Kingman couple charged with illegal dumping

A Kingman man and woman were caught illegally dumping yard waste mixed with miscellaneous household trash in the desert just north of Kingman, according to Mohave County E.R.A.C.E. (Environmental Rural Area Cleanup Enforcement).

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Sheriff: Florida couple shot themselves in fake home invasion

Authorities say a Florida couple staged a home invasion and shooting as part of an elaborate scheme to collect insurance money.

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Sheep can recognize Baaaa-rack Obama’s face, new study shows

A new study shows that sheep have the ability to recognize human faces from photographs on computer screens.