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Driver in vape store burglary says he didn't know friends were burglaring

Jordan James Brunner, of Cornville, appeared out of custody at Yavapai Superior Court for charges filed against him regarding a June burglary in Cottonwood.

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Alaska rescue group takes in alligator that outgrew bathtub

It was an odd day for one Alaska animal control officer who took a call about an alligator outgrowing its bathtub.

Police: Robbery suspect left wallet behind at crime scene

Police in New Jersey have arrested a robbery suspect who they say left his wallet behind at the scene of the crime.

Teacher on leave after parent says she washed student’s hair

A Santa Fe elementary school teacher was placed on administrative leave after police and school officials say she washed students’ hair in class because it was too fragrant for her sensitive nose.

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Honolulu store owners say thieves are targeting cans of Spam

Cans of Spam have become a common item that’s being stolen from Honolulu stores and then sold on the streets for quick cash, according to authorities.

Salvation Army receives donated urn filled with ashes

A Salvation Army thrift store in New Hampshire has received an urn apparently filled with cremated remains.

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Missing hikers found dead, locked in embrace

Couple may have died in 'sympathetic murder-suicide'

Friends and relatives of a couple whose bodies were found in Joshua Tree National Park say they believe the two got lost while hiking in the sprawling desert park and struggled in the searing heat with little food or water before they died in a "sympathetic murder-suicide."

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Texas district alters homecoming queen’s hair color in photo

A Houston-area school district has apologized for altering a high school homecoming queen’s purple hair in a photo.

Police: Newborn’s dad sold heroin in hospital maternity ward

A Pennsylvania man has been jailed on charges he sold heroin in the hospital maternity ward room where people were visiting his newborn daughter

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Police: Man accused of fake ID use found hiding in trash can

Authorities say a man accused of trying to rent a car in Delaware using fake identification was caught hiding in a trash can.

Nearly 200 report fireball streaking across Northeast sky

Nearly 200 people across the Northeast reported seeing a bright object streak across the sky.

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Hockey fans help young anthem singer who forgets the words

Hockey fans have come to the rescue of a girl who apparently forgot the words while singing the national anthem at a New Jersey Devils game.

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Long-lost $4 million Rodin sculpture found in New Jersey borough hall

A bust of Napoleon by French sculptor Auguste Rodin long thought to be lost was found on display in a New Jersey borough hall where it sat for 85 years.

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Watch: Woman steals credit card from store clerk having seizure

Authorities in the Salt Lake City area say a woman stole a credit card from the wallet of a convenience store clerk as he was having a seizure.

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Robbers with hunting knives demand $1 from store, then flee

Two young men made an unusually small request as they robbed a store in Massachusetts by demanding a single dollar in their robbery.

Cops: Man tried to rob market to get money for drug fines

Police say a Pennsylvania man broke into a market so he could get money to pay his court fines for marijuana possession.

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Police: Man sprays foul-smelling brown liquid on produce

Authorities say a man sprayed a foul-smelling brown liquid on produce at a grocery store in South Carolina, telling police the store owed him money.

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Watch: Paddleboarding chicken makes waves in Florida

Don't ask Loretta the chicken why she crossed the road. She went by paddleboard instead.

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Police: Unpaid $7 Waffle House bill leads to gas pump skimmer ID theft ring

Police in Louisiana have uncovered a sophisticated, Los Angeles-based identity theft ring, thanks to two men who skipped out on their $7 Waffle House bill, authorities said.

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Student’s yearbook photo rejected because he’s holding gun

A Maine high school has rejected a student’s submitted yearbook photo because it shows him holding a shotgun.

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No Go: Pokemon-costumed man arrested after White House jump

A Kentucky man dressed as the Pokemon character Pikachu is accused of trying to jump the White House fence — all in the name of making a YouTube video.

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Police video shows large bear peering into shop windows

A very large bear-about-town was spotted peering into shop windows in a California tourist community on Lake Tahoe.

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Curiosity does in bear cubs after escape from wildlife park

Two bear cubs that escaped from a South Dakota wildlife park didn’t get far, due in part to their curiosity.

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Fan-tastic! Man who caught Turner HR ball snags Wrigley shot

Remember that fan who made the great catch on Justin Turner’s game-ending home run at Dodger Stadium over the weekend? Guess what? He did it again.

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For ornery shelter cats, 2nd chance is a job chasing mice

Gary wasn’t used to being around people. He didn’t like being touched, or even looked at. If anyone came too close, he’d lash out.