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Man walking home from train station followed by pig

Police in a Cleveland suburb thought they had a drunk on their hands when a man called to report a pig following him home from a train station.

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Science Says: Green-blooded lizards pose evolutionary puzzle

For some lizards it’s easy being green. It’s in their blood. Six species of lizards in New Guinea bleed lime green thanks to evolution gone weird.

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Watch: 'King of the Commode’ Seeks Heir to Thrones

For over 50 years, Barney Smith has decorated more than 1,300 toilet seats with everything but the kitchen sink. But at 96, the former plumber and self-described 'King of the Commode' is seeking a suitable heir for his many thrones. (May 22)

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Record Everest climber returns, already planning next trip

A Sherpa climbing guide who scaled Mount Everest for a record 22nd time last week returned from the mountain on Sunday and said he's already planning his next trip.

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LSU Heisman Trophy winner Billy Cannon dies at age 80

Billy Cannon, the gifted running back who won the Heisman Trophy for LSU in 1959 with a memorable Halloween night punt return touchdown against Mississippi, died Sunday. He was 80.

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'Jurassic Park' dinosaur expert's next big thing: holograms

Forget the gray, green and brown dinosaurs in the "Jurassic Park" movies. Paleontologist Jack Horner wants to transport people back in time to see a feathered Tyrannosaurus rex colored bright red and a blue triceratops with red fringe similar to a rooster's comb.

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Whitewater river in Colorado a bright spot amid grim drought

Despite a severe drought across the Southwestern United States this spring, there should be plenty of water for rafters and anglers in one of the nation's most popular mountain rivers.

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Oldest person in US dies; Pennsylvania woman was 114

A 114-year-old Pennsylvania woman who was the oldest person in the United States has died, according to a funeral home.

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Watch: Royal fans sleep in streets, ready to welcome Harry and Meghan

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Windsor overnight, hoping to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their big day. (May 19)

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Marriage proposal upstaged by 3-year-old’s call of nature

A Michigan boy found a way to make his mark on the occasion of his mother’s marriage proposal.

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Roo-ting out trouble: Rogue S Carolina kangaroo nabbed again

South Carolina’s most talented escape artist may be a kangaroo.

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Person in Spider-Man costume hangs out on Boston train

A person sporting a Spider-Man costume joined commuters on a Boston subway train — dangling from a handrail.

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Owner of $85M apartment offers trip to space with purchase

The owner for a New York City condominium is offering a trip to outer space included with the purchase of an $85 million dollar apartment.

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Man arrested for posing as Texas high school athlete

Police say a 25-year-old man duped two Dallas high schools for nine months by posing as a 17-year-old student and Hurricane Harvey evacuee in order to play basketball.

Ammo box falls from military chopper, crashes into school

Authorities are trying to determine how a box of ammunition fell from a military helicopter and crashed through the roof of an elementary school in Texas.

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Laurel, Yanny or ... covfefe? White House joins in on debate

The White House is joining in on the viral debate over whether people hear the names “Laurel” or “Yanny” in a much-shared audio clip.

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6 young squirrels rescued from ordeal of tangled tails

Six young squirrels whose tails were stuck together by tree sap are recovering after a Nebraska wildlife expert untangled them.

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93-year-old makes first hole-in-one in 65 years of golfing

A 93-year-old Ohio man wrapped up his nearly seven decades of golfing with his first hole-in-one.

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Watch: Silly Looks in Yoga Classes Targeting the Face

Yoga has been said to help the mind and body, but some say it also can help the face. New yoga classes target the face with silly expressions. (May 18)

Chinese tourists spark anger in Vietnam over map on shirts

A group of Chinese tourists wearing T-shirts depicting the country’s territorial claims in the disputed South China Sea has sparked anger in Vietnam.

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Police praise Wisconsin students for prank that was illusion

Police had praise for students who created an illusion for a senior class prank that appeared to show a car crashed into the principal’s office.

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Tickle Me, Fleury: Vegas goalie tickles Jets player’s ear

Marc-Andre Fleury gave Blake Wheeler quite an earful.

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Watch: Quirky Turkey Turns Heads, Stops Traffic

A wild turkey has been stopping traffic and turning heads in Rochester, Minn. Residents who live nearby are calling their feathered friend "Jake." As one resident puts it, he's "very entertaining." (May 16)

Ex-lawmaker: Naked man tackled on Alaska Airlines flight

A retired Alaska state lawmaker says a naked passenger was tackled and detained on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Anchorage, Alaska.


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