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Depantsed man found hanging upside down on school fence

Jesse Sensibar and Kristin Woodall were driving past a Tucson school when they spotted a man hanging upside down on a spiked fence with his underwear showing.

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Dog pulled from California fire revived after 20 minutes

California firefighters who spent 20 minutes performing mouth-to-snout resuscitation on a dog they rescued from a burning apartment are being hailed as heroes.

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Duck sign tweet causes mass wave of guilt

Sign about not feeding ducks bread goes viral

A park sign warning visitors about the dangers of feeding bread to ducks went viral this week, causing a wave of panicked reaction among social media users.

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Zoo plan for baby hippo: More independence, nix lap naps

he Cincinnati Zoo says its premature baby hippo, Fiona, is getting more independent and now tops 100 pounds (45.36 kilograms), meaning her days of napping on her human caretakers' laps are dwindling.

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Video: Man rescued after dangling off building

Members of the Miami Fire-Rescue Department had to rescue a man down twelve stories Thursday afternoon after a scaffolding collapse at a Key Biscayne resort.

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Thou shalt not smuggle: Woman hides drugs in inmate's Bible

Today's Bible lesson: It's a bad idea to use the good book to smuggle drugs into jail.

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Diner owners admit setting fire for insurance money

The owners of a New Jersey diner have admitted burning it down to collect insurance.

Suspect in Massachusetts liquor store robbery found sleeping

Police in Massachusetts didn't have to look far for a suspect in the knifepoint robbery of a Pittsfield liquor store.

Ex-postal worker admits scamming $1.2M in federal benefits

A former U.S. Postal Service worker in western New York has pleaded guilty to scamming the federal government out of more than $1.2 million in benefits.

Officials: Turkey flew through windshield on I-93, dies

New Hampshire Fish and Game officials say a tractor-trailer driver suffered minor injuries after a 19-pound turkey crashed through his windshield on Interstate 93.

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Viral video imagines Elmo getting fired over PBS budget cuts

A viral online video imagines lovable "Sesame Street" character Elmo getting fired due to budget cuts to PBS.

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After fight, Indiana man receives 'ATHE1ST' license plate

A man who was initially denied an Indiana license plate reading "ATHE1ST" now has the personalized plate.

Michigan college student's 'dating resume' goes viral

A Michigan State University student has received dozens of phone calls after creating and sharing a dating resume.

Religious TV station in Senegal accidentally airs porn

An Islamic television station in Senegal says it has filed a formal complaint against unknown saboteur "X'' for taking over the network and airing pornography instead of its regularly scheduled religious programming.

Police: 83-year-old checks out of hospital, steals ambulance

Authorities on Long Island say an 83-year-old man has been arrested after checking himself out of a hospital and stealing an ambulance

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That's not carry-on: Loose snake slumbers on Alaska flight

Anna McConnaughy was flying to Alaska's largest city when the announcement came over the intercom: a passenger on a previous flight had brought a pet snake on board.

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Viral 'big chicken video' is real

A video of an unusually large chicken went viral on social media over the weekend leading many to question whether it was real or fake.

Authorities: Man errantly texted prosecutor about drug swap

Authorities say a man mistakenly sent a text message to a Pennsylvania prosecutor indicating that he wanted to trade marijuana for heroin.

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Cops: 74-year-old hid $150,000 of cocaine in public housing for elderly

A 74-year-old Massachusetts man living in public housing for the elderly faces drug trafficking charges after police say they found cocaine valued at about $150,000 in his unit.

Student busted for taking baby gators into taxi

A student at a University of Maine campus is in trouble for taking his five baby pet alligators inside a taxicab.

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Police shoot security dog delaying flights in New Zealand

New Zealand police shot and killed a young security dog at the Auckland Airport on Friday after it escaped its handler and ran loose for more than three hours on the tarmac, disrupting at least 16 flights.

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Police: Brady's missing Super Bowl jerseys tracked to Mexico

Tabloid newspaper executive may have played role in the theft

Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey has been found in Mexico six weeks after it vanished from the Patriots' locker room — but the mystery isn't over.

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A Muppet with autism to be welcomed soon on 'Sesame Street' (Video)

Folks on Sesame Street have a way of making everyone feel accepted.

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Video: US Marines ad campaign stresses good citizenship

The Marine Corps no longer needs just a "Few Good Men" as it looks to diversify.

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Gaza Barber blazes hair styles with fiery method

Palestinian barber Ramadan Adwan has found a fiery way to trim his client's hair — if they are brave enough.