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Need for dental X-rays depends on risk factors

How often do I really need to get dental X-rays?

Night shift can indeed affect husband’s temper

Dear Dr. Rosenberg: My husband started working night shifts last year. He is more irritable and we argue much more since he started the job.

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Dear Annie: Kids these days should rethink what’s ‘cute’

Dear Annie: Maybe I am overly sensitive, but there are so many commercials with children doing things that they really should not be doing, and it makes me wonder about the younger adults who find this cute.

To Your Good Health: Will Miracle Fruit bring back sense of taste?

DEAR DR. ROACH: In a recent column regarding the woman with Parkinson’s disease experiencing a loss of taste, I was wondering if you have read about the Miracle Fruit.

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Pet Focus: Miss Kitty’s — Maggie

Sweet, friendly Maggie is a 1 1/2-year-old dilute tabby-Siamese mix with pretty blue eyes.

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Pet Focus: Yavapai Humane Society — Buddy

Buddy is a 6-year-old Jack Russell mix who is friendly and enjoys being picked up and cuddled.

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Dear Annie: No shame in avoiding neighbor’s casual touch

Dear Annie: I have a problem with my neighbor that I don’t know how to handle.

To Your Good Health: Treating symptoms often better than treating lab results

DEAR DR. ROACH: A few months ago, I had routine follow-up thyroid tests, and my results were normal except for a slightly high free T4 level.

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HUSD teachers become students

Quad-City Schools: Summer Institute focuses on Google integration, science techniques and more

As students and their families ended the school year and headed off to various locations for their summer vacations, approximately 140 teachers came back to school as students for the Humboldt Unified School District’s annual Summer Institute.

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Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters Child of the Week: Jordan

Seven-year-old Jordan lives with his mom and teen sister in Prescott and he’d love to have a Big Brother to share sports and other “guy things” with, he says.

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‘Badger Commons’ coming soon to PHS

Quad-City Schools: School needs to raise $2,000 more to make the space happen

Prescott Unified School District prides itself on being there for every child, every day in a variety of ways.

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Dear Annie: What to do when your husband is a hoarder?

Dear Annie: My husband loves to read your advice, but when it comes to my giving him advice, it’s a different story.

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CVUSD welcomes new special education director

Quad-City Schools

The Chino Valley Unified School District is welcoming a new special education director, Dr. Nicole Burdett.

Around the Bluhmin' Town: Most humbling experience: Buying a bathing suit

So, are you ready for swimsuit weather?

Superintendent's Report: Graduation marks success

Quad-City Schools

On May 24, Chino Valley High School honored its graduating seniors by holding its commencement ceremonies. I wanted to share with you my address to the graduates and their families and friends, which will give you a bit of information about the graduates of Chino Valley High School.

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One of the key builders of Prescott

Veteran was the county’s lone engineer for three decades

Nonagenarian Joe Sarvis is a 72-year Prescottonian who served his country in two branches of the military – the United States Army and United States Air Force – and then returned to his home roots where he ended up serving almost three decades as the Yavapai County’s sole engineer.

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Dear Annie: Dirty dealing

Dear Annie: I am one of a group of guys who have been friends and card players for over 30 years.

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Days Past: The Bashford House, 1877 - 2017

This year marks 140 years of preservation for the historic Victorian house on the campus of the Sharlot Hall Museum at the corner of Gurley and McCormick Streets.

Dear Rhonda & Dr. Cheri: Include humility in civility

Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri, My daughter is egocentric beyond belief. She’s a good ballerina. Not the best, not the prettiest, not the hardest working.

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Canyon Bible Church’s new associate pastor wants to impact youth with Christ

With attendance climbing, Canyon Bible Church of Prescott has added Will Peterson to its pastoral staff, placing him in charge of Student Ministries and Counseling at the church.

Argus Hamilton: Feminists need to jump into the murder game

God bless America, and how’s everybody? The Economist released a preview of FBI statistics detailing the murder rate in America’s fifty largest cities Monday, yielding one-sided results.

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Dear Annie: Husband is too controlling with TV

Dear Annie: If I go to bed and watch TV, my husband insists I turn the TV off when he gets there.

Church News: Week of June 24, 2017

Connection Church has moved to Chino Valley.

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Feature Home: 782 Hideway Lane | Prescott | $389,500

Here is the townhome you’ve been looking for!

Inside the Luxury Gated Community of Hassayampa.

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Ask the Contractor: Food Zone Certified quartz is available

I have heard there is a brand of Quartz countertop material called Quantra and supposedly this brand of quartz is Food Zone Certified where other companies that manufacture quartz materials are not Food Zone Certified. Are you aware of this?