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7:03 AM Mon, Dec. 17th

Letter: More to sandwiches


To local businesses dealing in feeding the public, I would like to offer some advice:

Don’t take it for granted that the public showing up at your store to grab a quick meal is so dumb that they can’t recognize poor quality and sloppy attempts to cut corners. “Sandwich shops” that offer sliced cold cuts that all taste like cardboard, no matter what the “meat” is called drive customers away.

Loading on lettuce, sauces and sliced red round tasteless covers does not make a “sandwich.” Especially offering “new” products that have some honest taste periodically and then immediately switching back to sliced cardboard “fillings” are a way to show you can make a decent meal, but don’t want to.

If you have to raise the price, do so... but don’t sell trash. “Breakfast sandwiches” that feature grill scrapings instead of eggs, and tasteless cardboard-like “meats” are another obvious insult.

A new name on the same old, downsized tasteless heated-slabs are not a business-builder, either.

Robert Cape