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7:09 AM Tue, Dec. 18th

Letter: Congressman Gosar


Re: Editorial: Congressman Gosar should stop the grandstanding (Feb. 3).

By the recent editorial, the Courier seems to apply the pejorative of “grandstanding” rather freely. I am sure that there are a good many people who see Rep. Paul Gosar’s recent comments (about so-called “Dreamers” attending the SOTU) to be advocating for rule of law, not grandstanding.

First, to correct the editorial, DACA-beneficiaries are in fact illegal aliens, though a separate subset, having been given (by Executive Order) a temporary shield from deportation. Aside from that, why would we be wrong to identify and arrest illegal aliens who do not have DACA-protections, or those using fraudulent identification, when they attempt to enter the Capitol Building on that special day? The editorial fails to say.

As to the use of “grandstanding,” I happily await the Courier’s editorial that identifies the purposefully provocative act of inviting illegal aliens to the SOTU (DACA-beneficiaries or otherwise) as “grandstanding,” or for that matter the childish Democratic officials who refused to attend the SOTU, or the shameful Democratic officials that sat on their hands throughout, refusing to applaud the mention of even the most widely-held American values and ideals.

If the Courier could see its way clear to finding “grandstanding” from both ends of the political spectrum, it would go a long way toward supporting its claim of balance, given the Courier’s frequent need to push back against charges of political bias.

Mary Frederickson