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5:31 AM Sun, Nov. 18th

Letter: History lesson


Thanks, Ken Sain, for warning us of your attempt to explain the Constitution. I boned up on John Locke and Edmund Burke. No need to apologize for John Locke. Locke is Locke.

As a Conservative I caution you to know the difference between definition and ideology. Did you know that England’s Liberal Party is similar to our Conservative Party and vice versa? Confusing? To us, Conservatives defend the Constitution. To England, Conservatives defend Devine Right of Kings.

Definitions: Conservative is to make a habit of things that proved their worth (practice makes perfect). Liberal is to find ways to improve the habits. Every person has a bit of both in them; and both are needed.

For instance, producing dialogue for a play is liberal; memorizing lines and actions for it is conservative.

Ideology: President Roosevelt may be the one who labeled Republicans as Conservatives and Democrats as Liberals. Conservatives continue to defend our protected liberties. Liberals have a history of opposing them for a ‘higher’ cause.

Communism, in the late 1800s was a world-wide phenomenon. Everyone knew that America would replace Capitalism with it. But, Russia and China beat us to it. Their example of starvation and slaughter gave Communism a bad name, so American Communist changed their label to Progressives. With their behavior unmasked, they adopted the label, Liberal.

Obama said, “The Constitution is full of Negative Liberties.” He is right. Negative Liberties are freedoms that have no negative effect upon others. Can you say the same of your liberties?

Conservatives are more a ‘classic liberal’ than that with which you have defined us.

Leon Kremer