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7:29 AM Wed, Nov. 21st

Letter: Past time for term limits


Your Monday, Jan. 22 newspaper had an interesting juxtaposition of Sain’s column about John Locke and the Ramirez cartoon of two soldiers commenting about continuing resolutions to “prevent a government shutdown,” with the second soldier replying, “maybe the government should be shut down.”

The juvenile behavior of our elected representatives in Washington is the best argument I can imagine for term limits! The presidency is limited to two terms, and it would be an improvement if members of Congress were limited also. Perhaps 12 years, two terms for Senators and six for Representative. The turnover would get rid of some of the deadwood or perhaps the childish behavior we have recently seen.

As Sain cited, “Locke argued that if a government abused the power that the people entrusted to it, revolution was the people’s right and their obligation too.” Term limits would be a much better option than a revolution.

David W. Hannum, Prescott