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3:29 PM Sun, Nov. 18th

Letter: Rhetoric of left


As one who has closely observed the national political scene for more than 60 years, I continue to be baffled by the strong negative feelings directed toward President Trump by liberals, whether they be Ph.D.’s, GED’s or even U.S. Senators.

It takes little intelligence and less memory to recall the dreariness of the Obama years; a GDP that never reached 2 percent, high unemployment especially among Blacks and Latinos, business development stymied by over regulation, uncontrolled illegal immigration, a feckless foreign relations policy (witness the Syrian red line and the growing nuclear threat in North Korea), ineffective use of the military allowing ISIS and the radical Islamic militant threat to escalate and, finally, political correctness run amok.

Do we really want to return to those times or should we be applauding Trump for introducing a new dynamic path to prosperity while protecting our borders and dealing strongly with those foreign entities that would harm us? I would suggest that people on the left stop believing their own rhetoric and start observing the improvements around them.

Wes Winfree