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12:23 PM Tue, Nov. 20th

Letter: Disturbing actions


Judge Navarro of the Nevada United States District Court dismissed a case with prejudice because, Acting United States District Attorney for the State of Nevada, Steven Myhre committed “outrageous” prosecutorial misconduct against a rancher by the name of Cliven Bundy, two of his sons and another person.

Judge Navarro did not even address the much more damning evidence brought forth by the BLM Lead Case Investigator. A “kill” book, religious persecution of “Mormons”, destruction of evidence, picture of Cliven Bundy in the FBI office with an X through his face, etc. etc. These are 18 pages of alleged misconduct on the part of the Federal Agents and the prosecutor.

The Bundys and several others have spent the last 2 years in prison, denied bail, awaiting trial and they were innocent. They were sexually assaulted, spent month after month in solitary, and mentally tortured.

Again and again I asked for help from Senator Flake however he just turned a deaf ear. These people had never been in trouble before. They were called terrorists by then Senator Harry Reed on the Senate floor. They stood up for their rights and paid dearly.

The cost of the investigation and prosecution was in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Now the tables have turned and the civil suits soon to follow will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. What happened to honesty and integrity? What have we become when our Constitution means nothing?

Harvey Couch