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6:58 AM Sat, Nov. 17th

Letter: Print my letters


I am writing to challenge the editors at the Courier for an article not long ago in which you claimed, somewhat defensively, that editorial policy was dedicated to fairness and even handed selection of letters written between liberal and conservative views. That would be the fair thing to do.

Nevertheless, despite the decidedly conservative nature of our community, the letters, editorials and columns that you print quite clearly favor the liberal point of view, some of which are rude and uninformed. You cover the “Trump-Russia collusion” consistently despite zero evidence, yet ignore recent evidence of corruption within the FBI and DOJ.

I first subscribed to the Courier in 1963 and have never had any submission fail to be printed either as a letter or a “talk of the town” until Nov. 8, 2016, after which several of my letters have failed to make it to print. The timing and numbers of those rejections seem to tell a tale of bias.

I was privileged to meet and learn by example from the character of local icons like Abia Judd, Taylor Hicks, Gail Gardner, Sam Steiger, Dick Walraven, Ken Lindley, George Phippen and Jim Garner. I believe that they, especially Jim, would be ashamed of what now passes as journalism here and elsewhere. It is time for the Courier editorial staff to reevaluate and to dedicate itself to carrying on the traditions of Prescott and COWBOY UP.

Bob Weiss