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9:50 AM Thu, Jan. 17th

Letter: History lesson


In response to a letter titled, “Local, local, not left,” by Carol Faoro, in which she credits President Donald Trump with our booming economy, I would like to remind Ms. Faoro that it was a ‘leftist’ president who pulled this nation out of a deep recession. I would like to remind all Trump supporters, as well, that, under the Obama Administration, that the stock market rose from 7,949, on President Barack Obama’s first day in office, to 19,732 on his last day in office.

When President George W. Bush left office in January of 2009, the United States had a 10.1 percent unemployment rate. When Obama left office, the unemployment rate was 4.7 percent, following 96 consecutive months of job growth.

Most of this ‘booming economy’ that Ms. Faoro attributes to Trump, he inherited from the previous occupant of the White House. Time will tell if Trump ruins the Obama economy he inherited, just as Bush ruined President Bill Clinton’s.

Ralph Scott