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12:52 PM Wed, Nov. 14th

Letter: Flat earthers, take a walk


Flat Earth Enthusiasts: I never thought I would be writing to you, but the rant/rave in the Sunday Courier forced me to ask you to do something. This will take some real effort and time to accomplish. You believe the earth is flat. I understand that. But there is a test you can complete to prove your point.

Pick a city to begin walking east, say Las Vegas on latitude 36°. You must stay on latitude 36 for your entire journey, so laying out your path on a map ahead of time would be advised. I recognize that coming to a body of water -- a lake, river or ocean -- will create some special challenges, but if you have your path laid out on map, after crossing the body of water, you can get back to latitude 36° quite quickly to continue your journey east.

So your test is to continue walking east until a) you come up against the flat earth barrier wall that you say exists, or b) you will find yourself back in Las Vegas on latitude 36°. Granted this test will take time. I have no idea how long it would take for you to walk to the edge of the flat earth or circle the earth and end up back in Las Vegas.

But this test will prove once and for all that a) you confront the flat earth barrier wall, or b) you end up back in Las Vegas. Please provide a daily blog, so we can all monitor your progress and where you are on your journey. Good luck!

William Von Rohr