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5:45 AM Sat, Nov. 17th

Letter: Another Saturday Night Massacre?


Senator Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, spoke on the Senate floor December 20, warning President Trump against firing Robert Mueller or pardoning key witnesses in his investigation into Russia’s meddling in our 2016 election. He said that any attempt to shut down the inquiry would constitute “a gross abuse of power and a flagrant violation” of Executive Branch responsibilities.

Later, Senator Adam Schiff explained that a group of Republican leaders, led by Senator Devin Nunes, has been meeting secretly, sharing information provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee with senators not on the committee, in order to find a way to discredit Mueller and the FBI.

President Trump repeatedly denies any collusion with Russia, but there is ample evidence of numerous meetings between key players in his campaign and Russian operatives.

If Trump decides to fire Mueller or pardon any of the key witnesses during the upcoming Congressional recess, we could have another “Saturday Night Massacre,” which led to President Nixon’s resignation in 1973. Citizens, pay attention! Our Rule of Law is at stake. We must find out exactly what happened during the 2016 election. You won’t get accurate information from the Fox channel, whose goal is to protect President Trump at all cost. You have to rely on other media.

This could become a constitutional crisis for our country, and the Republican leaders will have to choose between country and party in order to preserve our democracy. We have to make sure they make the right choice!

Jan Lynne