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9:13 PM Sat, Nov. 17th

Rants&Raves: Jan. 7, 2017

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  • RE: Poaching of mule deer – Wildlife and hunting are managed for reasons. Because you see a deer doesn’t mean you have to grab a gun and kill it. This gives hunters a bad name and may get someone killed because you clearly don’t respect laws.
  • RE: Do javelinas mourn? This project is very important, thank you. It shows that every species has feelings, traditions, and therefore rights. The mentality demanding destroying habitat for profit is immoral. When was the last time you drove down 89 and saw antelope?
  • If they are going after service dogs how about going after disabled license plate abuse? I especially get a laugh from the ones on trucks that need a step stool to enter.
  • RE: Gun insanity – Why don’t we take the keyboard away from people who don’t support the Second Amendment? Because of the First Amendment. Don’t “cherry pick” the Constitution.
  • Let’s face it, blaming guns for the gun problems is like blaming a car for the recklessly mowing down of bicyclists or people walking on the sidewalk. Guns are here to stay. Effective Christian prayer works better than legislation!
  • I have no problem with taxes paying for education but I have a big problem with all that money going to sports programs. I do not support sports in public education.
  • Five parenting resolutions to help the entire community: 1 – take responsibility for your kids; 2 – teach them manners; 3 – know where they are; 4 – know what they are doing; and 5 – teach them respect for others.
  • RE: Jan. 3 Tribune cartoon: Really, Melania Trump Jackson tree? It was known as diseased before Obama took office and will provide saplings that will be replanted in its place. Mrs. Trump’s OK to remove it doesn’t make her a tree killer.
  • RE: Court limits GPS – If the courts continue to put handcuffs on law enforcement, the state will see fewer wanting to do a good job and more criminal activity. Surprised the ACLU wasn’t behind the appeal. Bad decision by state Supreme Court.
  • Thank you for the Peeples Valley shootout story. Gunshots, crashes and lots of cops cause a great deal of speculation in a small community.
  • RE: Pot loses ‘safe haven’ – Sessions is following federal law that the former administration ignored. Liberal states have legalized pot for the money. It does not make them guiltless. The future will show legalization has contributed to the opioid crisis.
  • RE: Highway 69 traffic – Watch, next the Prescott Valley will claim that photo radar is again needed due to the increase of traffic.
  • Thanks to the server at Rosa’s who asked first if we wanted water! With no rain for three months all restaurants should be asking this! Do you see how much water goes to waste? We all need to conserve.
  • RE: Traffic is coming – I’m still waiting for the article that says “New industry is coming” to support all those new families that will be our “growth.”
  • Every time I see an article or hear a news report about funding the border wall, I can’t help but wonder, what ever happened to getting Mexico to pay for it?
  • We should not allow any right turns on red in downtown Prescott. Also, why don’t we have bike paths everywhere? This is just not acceptable.

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