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6:39 AM Tue, Nov. 20th

Rants & Raves: Feb. 4, 2018

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  • Thank you to reporter Nancy Hutson and the Courier for “getting out the word” about Boys to Men.

  • Would honestly like to know where you get your information; so many polls around and most of them are not true. For example, the president was rated very low to win the presidency last year. The rest is history.

  • People who drive Highway 89 south of Prescott and are too scared to do the speed limit through the curves – but are too inconsiderate to pullover for those of us who aren’t.

  • People blame Congress for not getting things done, while the problem lies with the voters themselves. Our government depends on compromise to get things done, yet voters in primaries keep nominating extremists.

  • Test the elderly? When getting license renewals, younger drivers should be required to be tested for attitude. Many believe they are the only people who belong on the road, for that matter, anywhere people congregate.

  • It angers me that dog owners don’t pick up after their animal, there are plastic bags available and trash cans. Volunteers should not have to pick up after your dog. Be a responsible pet owner!

  • Excellent story about the deputy helping a stroke victim. With all the bad press cops get, these public service stories about our folks in uniform who work hard in a stressful job need to be published more often.

  • Everybody else in the Arizona House is wrong and our two representatives are right? Amazing! It is OK to verbally harass someone (bullying) as long as it is not physical? The action was based upon facts.

  • Why does every new Prescott mayor talk about the airport? I’ve been here 15 years and have heard endless talk about the airport with zero action. It’s getting ridiculous. Do something or please move on.

  • ADOT is mowing the grass/weeds/brush in the median along 89A. If they’ve ever done this before, it’s been years ago. Sure looks better.

  • How embarrassing! The House votes to expel a representative 56-3 for harassment and the only two standing with Rep. Don Shooter are from Prescott.

  • What about maintaining quality of life for people who come here to live in a small quiet community? The current airport is fine. Bigger airport equals more traffic, more noise, pollution, sprawl, and environmental impact.

  • Rave about communication between administration and parents within PUSD. Last week I received emails from both of my daughters’ principals explaining the upcoming administrative changes. When I expressed my concerns to Superintendent Howard, he thoroughly addressed each one. Thank you!

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