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5:05 AM Mon, Jan. 21st

Letter: No hikers, just guns


The hiker suggests this was an act of attempted murder (“ was clear that someone purposefully shot at us”.)

Ms. Yetman’s response to this event has led her to the irrational conclusion that YCSO and its officers are purposefully sacrificing the constitutionally protected right to life and liberty in order to safeguard the right of gun owners to murder hikers (“...someone’s right to illegally shoot at innocent people is greater than my constitutional right”.) might want to check the text of the constitution, but last time I looked, murdering hikers is not a constitutional right.

Her rhetorical question (“...When will our laws prioritize a person’s right to live over a person’s right to fire a weapon?”) is quite frankly an emotional excursion from reality. Every law from the Magna Carta to the US Constitution, the Arizona Constitution and Yavapai County law was enacted to insure private rights are prioritized over personal harm. There is no evidence YCSO is systematically leveraging an overthrow of the constitution in order to sacrifice the innocent hikers on the bloody alter of the second amendment.

I do agree with the YCSO officer on the scene; there should not be a hiking trail in that area. If they are going to keep the area open to the kind of widespread unregulated shooting we all know is going on there, it would appear to be a rational proposal to close the area to hikers, and I would support that proposal.

Charly Gullett

Highland Pines, Rural Yavapai County