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11:00 PM Wed, Nov. 14th

Letter: Party chairs weigh in on speech


Kudos for The Daily Courier! By asking the two political party “leaders” to express their views on the President’s recent speech in Phoenix. The Courier allowed the parties to exhibit their level of political leadership. The Democratic chairman whines and demonstrates like losers. The Republican Party chairperson Mr. Sensmeier identified the content about the President’s foreign policy, strengthening the economy, reducing unnecessary regulation for businesses, and a commitment to defeat ISIS. He did comment on his own party’s disappointment. Obviously Mr. Sensmeier also addressed the continued news media’s attempt to tie his administration to recent events to small extremist groups that reflects the suffering on all Americans.

How did this Democratic Party “leader” of Yavapai County respond? Ms. Denis claims that the TV presented a “vacuous circus event” and anyone supporting the President is being manipulated, you! Apparently the President lies and distorts facts yet Ms. Denis offers no “facts.” The “free press” supposedly insulted even when proven as ‘fake news.’ She attempts to identify criminal illegal aliens as “immigrants” to give them credibility. She blames Sheriff Arpaio for protecting Arizonians when the Federal government refused to enforce the law by Presidential direction. Ms. Denis spoke of the “hate and violence” implying blame on Trump supporters, which in fact has been shown to be anti-Trump violent hate groups. She states “we are united in our resistance against bigotry and his Administration’s systematic attack on cherished American values—truth, equality, and liberty. How does this whining demonstrate this to Democrats?

Kirby Hughes