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3:41 AM Mon, Oct. 15th

Letter: P&Z, think carefully


Several letters have been published questioning Deep Well and other developments and they reflect my concerns exactly. I don’t feel they should move forward without some questions being answered and potential problems addressed. Water issues, infrastructure issues, building type and density, and, even more concerning, Deep Well planners trying to replace city codes with their own. This obviously raised a huge red flag with the P&Z Commission and hopefully with city leaders.

I hope the P&Z folks and city leaders demand adequate, reasonable answers and think about the adverse effects these developments will have. I don’t understand how we can let large developments like this go forward when I don’t believe the city has the capacity for it. There has already been extensive growth here and at some point there has to be a limit. Do planners/developers have a vested interest in the results? Will they have to live with the congestion, water availability issues, and the change in the character of the city? Where will new roads be built and how paid for? Where will the extra water we need come from? The Big Chino pipeline is questionable.

As the approval processes proceed, the best we can hope for is that these developments will be limited to what’s in the best interests of the city and its residents. It will take the joint efforts of city leaders and P&Z to achieve this, so I hope they consider current/future Prescott residents. That has to be a priority to maintain the quality of life we have here. Reversing unchecked growth will be virtually impossible to achieve.

Mark Stringer