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3:05 AM Wed, Oct. 17th

Letter: Panhandlers out of hand


Tuesday I was on my way from Thumb Butte to Taylor Hicks School to pick up my daughter. Along the way, I passed the intersection of Gail Gardner and Fair Street. What do I see? Two panhandlers on opposite corners. When I go around Gail Gardner past the Walmart, I spotted panhandlers and all the exits of the parking lot. Then again at the corner of Gail Gardner and Willow Creek on the corner outside of Walgreens there was yet another panhandler! This is getting too out of hand! We must do something about this epidemic.

My husband and I both have good jobs working full time. And we end up scraping the bottom of the barrel at times because we have unexpected expenses. We have both had a rough time where we were out of jobs and needing some emergency cash. But we never went to the point of standing on the corner begging for handouts. It’s understandable for a dire need. But I see the same people on the same corners and the same times day after day. Can we please do something about this? Seeing the regulars out there make me not want to stop and help those that really truly need it.

Christina Pittman