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12:05 PM Mon, Sept. 24th

Letter: Polio and Rotary


This is an answer to the editorial, “On polio and pulling together,” that appeared in both the Courier and Tribune on Oct. 25.

I am a child of the ’40s and ’50s when polio was a scourge in the United States alone. In 1952, the number of reported cases in the U.S. was over 58,000! I remember vividly seeing one of my childhood friends in an iron lung. Thankfully, today’s generation doesn’t know what polio is, how debilitating it can be, or what an iron lung is.

I am proud to say that I am a member of Rotary International. Our international goal since 1985 has been the eradication of polio world-wide. In that period, polio has been ended in 122 countries – there are only three countries left with reported cases.

In 2016, the total reported cases was only 37. Thus far this year, the number stands at 12. If you put your thumb and index finger together with just a tiny little space between, that’s how close we are to forever ending it! All it requires is for two tiny drops of liquid in the mouth of every child in the world.

But the battle goes on until there are zero cases.

Rotary International, its world-wide membership, and its partners can be proud to have such an everlasting impact!

Mike Payson

Prescott Valley

Prescott Frontier Rotary