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5:06 PM Sun, Dec. 09th

Letter: Time for higher goals


I wonder how many of your readers have noticed the current state of our national economy: stocks, employment numbers, household income, GDP, jobs and consumer confidence among others, are positive, some at record highs. Unemployment and welfare are the lowest in years. These positive numbers have not appeared in the Courier.

The Courier, along with mass media, academia, entertainment and lifetime politicians and bureaucrats, have focused on the personality of POTUS to the exclusion of any of his achievements, and have attacked like a pack of schoolyard bullies seeking to destroy, all because of anger over the election.

The dislike of President Obama was, I believe, equal to that of President Trump, but that dislike did not produce the vitriol and absolute hatred that has been demonstrated by these groups. The daily and hate-filled propaganda that has emanated from them has been unprecedented and gives faux courage to others to join the bullying by writing essays and letters that are misinformed and often dishonest.

It is time we recognized that Donald J. Trump, like it or not, is President of The United States of America for four years and many of the attempts to denigrate him do damage to our country, some bordering on treason.

Sixty-three million Americans voted for the positive results we are seeing, rather than for a great smile and smooth teleprompter reading. Let’s try to join together to promote the positives we are seeing and reach for higher goals for our economy.

Bob Weiss