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1:27 AM Sun, Oct. 21st

Letter: Las Vegas massacre


We know who the perpetrator was, but do we know if any other entities are complicit?

The public access to semi-automatic rifles, bump stocks and large magazines combined with some elevation produced a very efficient killing platform.

Three entities can logically share in a measure of responsibility. The NRA, the House and the Senate. All promoted the legality of sale of these items to the public. What do you think? What do your legislators think?

As to the future, it is not hard to visualize other demented shooters doing essentially the same thing. Or even worse!

Imagine a football stadium packed with 80,000 people next to a high building. At halftime, people start getting shot with automatic fire from that building. There is so much band noise that the shots are not heard. The shooter or shooters have silencers on their guns. There is a move afoot to make silencers legal for the public too. The potential casualty numbers in this scenario approach or exceed that of 9/11.

Is it time for some legal action to protect us defenseless, law abiding, voting and taxpaying citizens, in public places?

Otherwise, if it can happen, it will!

Bob Park