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3:43 PM Sat, Dec. 15th

The Long Road Home with Darin Mahoney - music saving my life

William Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records, describes Darin Mahoney’s music as, “Traditional and familiar with melodies that are deeply heartfelt. The overall impression is being in a place you know well and love deeply, yet being suddenly amazed that the view, from this place, is so spectacular.”

The journey for a life in music began for Darin in a small rural town in Michigan and continued when, at the age of 10, his family moved to Laveen, Arizona. As a young man he remembers being enamored with the lilting storytelling qualities in the songs of John Denver, but as he grew older and began to teach himself the guitar his tastes shifted to Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Michael Hedges and Will Ackerman.

In fact, Darin, with a new solo album in the works, has had the opportunity to work with Ackerman on two of the songs that will occupy tracks on his new project.

Music took priority for Darin when he was diagnosed with cancer in the prime of his life. He remembers, “It was then my life started and ended, all at the same time. That was the point music ‘chose’ me, taking on a new significant influence in saving my life.”

During this time artists such as Ackerman, Michael Hedges, and Alex deGrazzi, became an intricate part of Darin’s survival and healing during his chemotherapy treatments. His first album “In the Grain,” produced by Rexomatic Productions, was written documenting his experience with cancer and healing. This manifested into collaboration with flutist Sherry Finzer on the album “Transformation.”

“This album embraces all that needs to be heard and experienced without words, during the recovery process,” Darin said.

Darin is not only a gifted musician and songwriter he is also a luthier, an individual who builds and repairs string instruments, generally consisting of a neck and a sound box, such a guitars, violins, and others, current and historical. Darin knows the structure of music inside and out, quite literally from beginning to end.

His business, Mahoney Guitars, where he builds and repairs stringed instruments, is located in Chino Valley, Arizona. He bases his performance and music production business from the property as well.

Always on the move with his music, Darin is a highly sought-after performer about the Prescott and Phoenix areas, not only as a solo artist, but also as a member of a two duos performing with Becky Dalke and Sherry Finzer. Chasing Recess, also one of his groups, is well known and extremely popular throughout northern Arizona.

Darin’s most recent collaboration, as a member of the band Trialogue, is with Sherry and nine-time Grammy-nominated, world music percussionist Will Clipman. Their album “Trialogue” won the Zone Music Records Best Instrumental Album-Acoustic for 2016 this past May. Previously, Darin and Sherry’s album “Transformation” won the One World Music Album of the Year in 2013. Darin would say, “I am definitely living my dream, there is nothing more satisfying than composing a song on an instrument I created!”

Darin’s participation in music events and fundraising expands across the country. He recently traveled with Sherry to do a TedX presentation on the connection between music and the healing process.

Darin’s foundation in bluegrass, country, rock ‘n’ roll, Americana, and Celtic style provides an endless variety of imaginative, inclusive and soulful sounds. Regardless of the venue or project, Darin’s goal is to “produce with purpose” helping others through life’s highs and lows, providing balance and healing.

“Music is much more than just a click track or a formula produced in a ‘song-mill’ with the purpose of dominating airwaves in pop culture,” he said. “It has the power to draw out emotion, express what otherwise could not be expressed, and to heal the mind, body and soul.”

Visit Darin’s website for samples of his music, The website also includes information on Mahoney Guitars, Darin’s performance schedule and contact information.

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