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4:52 AM Mon, Jan. 21st

Letter: Time for action in D.C.


It is clear our government has become dysfunctional. There are major issues to be resolved regarding health care, immigration, tax reform and foreign policy. The Executive Branch is in chaos and unable to lead our country. The Judicial Branch is not empowered to be of help. It is up to Congress.

Our Legislative Branch must form a coalition of Democrats and Republicans, call them “Republicrats,” to lead our country through the next few years. It will take individual courage and leadership. The Legislature is supposed to make the laws, not the President through Executive Orders. Congress controls the purse strings. This is an extra-ordinary time. Our country cannot afford to spend the next three years frozen in place.

Each Senator and Congressperson can remain true to his or her principles. They do not have to give up being a Democrat or Republican or form a separate party. However, they have to find common ground to solve serious issues.

Our Republic, with its three branches of government, has withstood many crises; the Civil War, the Great Depression, world wars and the Civil Rights movement. Each time our country has come out stronger. Let not this government malfunction lead to another catastrophe. It is time for our lawmakers to step up and lead.

We have two U.S. Senators and several Representatives who could and should stand up and lead the way. Good citizens should contact them and demand they fulfill their duty.

David Beno

Prescott Valley