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4:19 PM Tue, Jan. 22nd

Letter: Wrong about me


Regarding Robert Graybehl and others who lump all Democrats together, you are wrong about me.

I am a Democrat and I have ALWAYS respected the American flag. I have never called a veteran a name, but I have volunteered my time and given my money to several veteran causes because of my gratitude to our veterans. I respect borders and think illegal immigrants are illegal.

However, I think it is U.S. employers who should be held responsible for providing jobs without verifying citizenship rather than focusing on immigrants who are attempting to improve their lives. Do you think illegal immigrants would come in such numbers if they didn’t find employers willing to look the other way? And I don’t think rednecks are all fools.

The Russian interference is not phony. I think anyone who ignores consistent information from the CIA, FBI, congressional committees, Facebook, and Twitter execs has their head in the sand, but I don’t need to call them names. We don’t yet know if Trump was involved, but there is much evidence the interference in our elections was, and is, real.

I don’t group all Republicans together. Please stop grouping all Democrats and liberals together. I understand why one would be a Republican, but I cannot comprehend how anyone who listens to President Trump speak could think he cares for any person other than himself, let alone our country.

Janice Ashby