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12:34 PM Tue, Oct. 16th

Letter: Get a grip


All week long I have been hearing American values blathered by the Democrats. You mean the same party that shows little respect for the American flag or what it stands for? The same party that calls veterans names and has no clue as to sovereign property rights and borders, and thinks people who love this country are a bunch of redneck fools?

Guess what, most of us have real jobs. A lot are vets from the ’60s (me included). We can read and write and know what it is to own a home. I for one am tired of it and did vote for Donald Trump.

Ask yourself who you would rather have for a neighbor, an American (born or naturalized) or the guy who believes Americans deserve to die, rents a truck and mows down innocent people. People need to get a grip on reality.

Trump has the right strategy and more importantly has the will to do it. This phony Russian investigation needs to stop or go after the real people who were involved. Never happen. If the investigators were investigated they would all hide behind the 5th Amendment. The lead prosecutor had ALL his major convictions overturned and the ruling was that he was the guy who needed to be disbarred and go to jail. A stellar record.

This is not coming from Fox News but rather someone who actually pays attention to the real world.

Robert Graybehl