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9:18 AM Sun, Dec. 16th

Letter: Sustainability or growth?


Regarding Mayor Oberg’s comments in the “Talk of the Town” in the Nov. 2 Courier about the Deep Well Ranch development. Mayor Oberg’s comments provide a welcome explanation of the details about the Deep Well Ranch development.

What concerns me, however, is the underlying idea that it is necessary for a city to keep growing, as Mayor Oberg suggests. Is it really necessary for a city to keep growing? At some point growth exceeds the ability of the environment to provide necessary resources, in this case, water. Prescott’s growth continually outpaces available water.

Based on the Letters to the Editor in the Prescott Daily Courier, Prescott’s citizens are also concerned that continued growth will overstress the infrastructure of the area and ruin the very characteristics that caused them to come to Prescott. It is time to consider the concept of sustainability — in this case, existing at a given level, maintaining quality of life and living within environmental constraints.

Or put more simply — when is enough enough?

Chris Jensen