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7:49 AM Tue, Dec. 18th

Letter: Opinion vs. fact


Everyone is entitled to an opinion but, in spite of the recent trend, opinion is not fact. There are no facts backing Kirkland Mining Company’s claim that their product is environmentally friendly, or that it is even safe. A flyer recently posted by the Kirkland Mining Company on the Kirkland Post Office bulletin board is filled with pro-mine propaganda, no surprise, but the fact that it has remained posted when previous public attempts at posting about the mine and public meetings have been routinely and promptly removed makes me wonder why the rules for posting seem to vary, depending on what is posted and who is posting it.

Since they are not allowed on the post office bulletin board, here are a few historical facts about the ability of the government to protect residents from the negative effects of mining in our community. Despite facing three felony counts of Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Violations, Bagdad Hillside has been discharging arsenic-contaminated water directly into Boulder Creek for four years. In an August news release Attorney General Mark Brnovich stated, “The water flowing from the mine contains arsenic levels that are more than 100 times the water quality standard.” Since 2013, ADEQ representatives have tried to stop the mine from discharging contaminated water, and the company signed three consent orders agreeing to file a plan to stop the discharge. “Those plans have not been submitted and the mine continues to discharge into Boulder Creek,” stated the news release.

Bureau of Land Management, do not allow a private company to endanger the lives in my neighborhood by mining on public land.

Denise Bennett

Skull Valley/Kirkland