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4:24 AM Mon, Oct. 15th

Letter: Water where?


Re: Thursday’s Talk of Town “Addressing Concerns Over Deep Well Ranch” (11/2/17)

Mayor Oberg stated the Deep Well Ranch owners have “alternative water” rights provided by the city, originating from Prescott’s city reservoirs.

He said this “alternative” water supply will provide for 3,000 homes to be built. The rest of the 10,400-unit development would have to wait until the Big Chino pipeline is built from the Big Chino aquifer.

The mayor implicitly stated this “alternative water” resource is renewable, and would NOT come from the city’s groundwater sources, just from the city’s reservoirs. I’m a bit confused about his verbiage here.

Doesn’t all of Prescott’s water originate from the Little Chino aquifer/groundwater/wells prior to being pumped and stored in our city’s tanks/”reservoirs”? I look forward to a thorough explanation of all water terminology at the next City Council meeting of Nov. 7, so the public can completely understand exactly where this alternative “renewable” water really comes from, and how the Deep Well Ranch will provide water for its development for decades to come, its short- and long-term effect on our entire area’s water supply, and its financial impact on the rest of us who live in the city.

Linda Myren