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6:13 AM Mon, Sept. 24th

Letter: Nuclear annihilation


‘Yes. If a nuclear weapon would take less lives overall and save the lives of U.S. military personnel.’ That’s fine if you’re the only country to own these things and are willing to use them.

Today, any detonation of just one nuclear weapon over another country would likely cause a massive and escalating nuclear reaction from the nations involved, killing millions on both sides and around the globe.

In August 1945, no one in the world had a nuclear response to what our country did to the citizens of two cities in Japan that helped end World War II. Now, just a well-aimed nuclear bomb could destroy all humanity on earth.

What would happen if just one bomb was detonated over a major city in America, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix? This would immediately leave thousands dead and create an uninhabitable radioactive zone for miles around the blast area lasting for many years. Radioactive fallout from prevailing winds at ground zero might destroy even more life. The culture of a whole city would be vaporized. Millions of American families would be affected by this apocalyptic event.

The hint of any nuclear exchange that could easily end all life as we know it should never, never be a first response war option. President Trump and his war mongering generals should stop indicating that it is.

NO ONE WINS a nuclear war, tell your children. Our 71-year-old “Child in Chief” doesn’t seem he’d have a problem pushing “The Button” over an angry tweet.

Michelle Star