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4:28 PM Sun, Dec. 09th

Letter: No politics in football


Why is it that most of the NFL players demonstrate their politics on the football field and NCAA collegiate players just play the old simple football game and leave the politics out of the “game?”

Most of these NFL professional football players are overpaid but they do place their physical bodies on the line every time they play, risking their future ability to bring in a salary just to play a game. The collegiate players play hard also for their teams’ “glory” and also the possibility to play in the NFL. But they do not protest the flag of our country and the men and women who sacrificed their lives for everyone including the professional NFL football players.

I used to be an avid college and NFL fan; but no longer do I really care about the NFL game nor do I subscribe to the NFL game package nor do I participate in buying NFL player memorabilia. I had intended to buy player jerseys whose last name is Peters at the beginning of the season but no longer am I interested. I still am an avid collegiate football sports fan because they recognize that football is a game and not a place where politics is displayed.

NFL owners are the employers and the players are employees. If the employees did what the NFL players did in the “normal” workplace, the managers/owners would fire them.

Thank God for those who gave their lives for this country so that others would be able to play professional sports.

Michael Allen Peters