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12:07 PM Tue, Oct. 16th

Letter: Un-negotiating America into oblivion


Our president has never seen a U.S. treaty or agreement he likes.

As a self-proclaimed “great negotiator,” he claims that all nations have taken advantage of our gullible and inept negotiators and that has wreaked havoc on our workers, corporations and economy.

Since his inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017, he has walked us away from NAFTA, TPP, the Paris Climate Accord, the Iran Nuclear agreement as well as dismantling Obamacare, numerous health, environmental, FDA, legal, LGBT and other Presidential Orders. Despite his promises to renegotiate better deals for the United States, he has accomplished nothing after 10 months in office. Nothing.

Why would any nation negotiate with the U.S. anymore knowing that we will walk away from any treaty, accord or agreement without a second thought? The international trust that made and kept America leader of the free world for more than 80 years is disappearing fast. North Korea is a frightening example of how easily we could find ourselves in a nuclear war or WWIII.

Republicans have done nothing to stop or even slow him down. Democrats are virtually helpless in the Republican-held Senate and House.

In so many cases, Donald the destroyer is dead wrong. Left unchecked, millions of Americans could end up dead wrong too.

Ed Greenhill