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12:50 PM Thu, Oct. 18th

Letter: Puppet master


Is Steve Welch, in his letter of May 9, serious? He is outraged and asks if there is a “Russian puppet in the White House.” Then he goes on to blame President Obama for not doing his job to wire-tap the Trump Tower and blames him for this mess. Where does he get his news? If the latter had happened, there would have been outcries galore. But how convenient to totally disregard the information (that has been around for some time) that President Obama had fired the questionable security advisor long before, and further, that Obama had warned then President-elect Trump of that very person.

It is sad to see such willful filtering of events, to throw accusations around without getting the full story. Go and investigate, fact check (there are different sources) and put the blame where it belongs. In this time where outright lies are “alternate facts” and the “press is the enemy of the people,” according to the White House, we are indeed riding the slippery slope to authoritarianism. Sad.

Lydia Garrett