Sewing Guild teaching Brownies

Our generation may remember tales of Brownies who would come into your house at night and do all sorts of tasks, like mend aprons or polish the silver. The American Sewing Guild “Pines and Needles” group is helping to assure our current crop of real-life Brownies will learn how to sew. On Friday, April 28, in room 14 of the Basis Prescott School, several members of the Sewing Guild volunteered to help local troop 1653, under the leadership of Shawna Manning, learn to sew by helping them stitch badges onto their uniform vests. Pattie Lascelle, president of the local chapter of the American Sewing Guild was accompanied by four members of the local chapter of the ASG, who provided a variety of colors of thread and scissors. Troop leader Shawna Manning provided sewing kits, which contained needles, thread, scissors and thimbles for the girls. The girls learned to thread a needle, and tie a knot, as well as how to use a needle threader. Now they will each be able to sew their own badges onto their uniforms. An additional gift for each girl was a hand-made needle case, provided by another member of the ASG. The American Sewing guild is always interested in teaching the next generation the love of needlework. For information about one of our chapters in northern Arizona, please contact Pattie Lascelle at