Letter: Let's all chill


Not too surprisingly, how we voters are adjusting (or not adjusting) to the election and its aftermath has pretty much been left to how we voted last November. My guess is we avoid the topic altogether, especially among anyone who voted “the other way.”

Just on one day (Feb. 28), this newspaper published one article about how teens see things, two letters supportive of the new president, and a Talk of the Town column suggesting we all “chill out”, illustrating how divided we are since the election of a new president.

We also are continuously being bombarded with political news, let alone social media content, about Mr. Trump’s victory — pro and con.

Earlier last month, the Los Angeles Times published a story of just how sensitive and pervasive this matter is when it reported how some voters have even sought therapy since last fall, stressed as they were with the election.

In fact, the story notes that therapists have found no single, recent topic, aside from 9/11, that has bothered clients as much.

Many are exhibiting anxiety over the election.

And that anxiety is not only limited to those who didn’t vote for the new president, but some therapists say they have dealt with Trump backers who feel stressed because they did vote for their candidate, and now must explain why, even to members of their family.

The Times also found voters weren’t the only ones having a problem.

Some therapists admit to a difficulty with remaining neutral while listening to their clients.

It strikes me that the columnist who suggested “chilling” over things might be correct. I wonder if we all might not follow this advice, even certain people in our nation’s capital near or on Pennsylvania Ave.

Gary Sanderson